May Minutes

Edmonton & Area 567 club May Minutes

           May 5/2021      12 members present



      There isn’t much to talk about, this current status with the up and down Covid situation makes it almost impossible to hold any type of meeting.. About a dozen of us met at Norm’s shop, then proceeded to the 149 St A&W to just socialize and swap info.. Lots of members are just itching to get out and cruise as a group, we are working on it. 

The current club account is at $6000.00, Still no new time line for a our 20th Bowties vs the World Show n Shine.. It may have to wait till all this Covid crap is over and we can get back to the ”good old days” so to speak.. 

We lost the NAPA sponsorship over this Covid thing & Mr. Mike Larouque has been relocated within the company ( I would like to Thank Mike for his all his help to our event for the past 2 yrs.) .. 

Jim as asked some of our event sponsors, if they are still able to come and help us out.. Those that he contacted indicated that they would be back..  Which is GREAT news.. A new kid on the block so to speak is ,Lordco Auto parts, they have been approached as a event sponsor but No news from their front as of yet... Jim passed out to those who came out at the May 5 meeting a little gift from the club.. There are many more to pass out but you have to come to a meeting to get yours.. Even though we have a good numbers in the club account, the club STILL Requires some members to pay their yearly dues, which helps the club in several club operational functions.. 

Many members that still have to pay up, You know who you are !!!!  At our next meeting on June 3rd, we will be requiring these fees from the members.. It is only $25.00 per year... Just in case we have “lost” some sponsors for our B vs W event, the club account will have to cover the these lost costs..  So PLEASE pay your Yearly Dues.... One of our long time members is slated for a serious heart operation in May, Our Prayers and thoughts are for him.. God speed  Don!!!

PLEASE WELCOME our new members to the club, from Leduc Alberta, they are Garry and Cheryl Vanduesburg..

Hopefully we can get to-gether at June’s meeting, the phase 2 of the Covid protocol should be in place for all of us law abieting folk.. The next meeting/gathering is at Norm’s shop, 14305-121A-Ave @ 7 p.m..  June 3rd/2021...

Then we will cruise over to the 149 St A&W for a social thingy if the phase 2 is not in place and we cannot hold a meeting at Norm’s.. A new date & time for the Quick times swap meet, June 12 OUTSIDE the Westerner Building from 8 a.m to 2 p.m.. NOTE : Set-up is ONLY from 5 a.m till 8 a.m...




Be safe, Stay healthy !!!


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