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Calendar Almost Sold Out!

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New Calendar Available

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club 14 month Calendar
Keeping the trifive alive!

ONLY $5.00 each. 

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 Monthly dates from: December 2018 through to January 2020


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September 2018 Club Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club September General Meeting         Held at the New West Hotel on Sept 5/2018    14 members present The minutes from August were reviewed & read by Interm Prez. Jim K. and were accepted by all members who were present. A treasurer’s report was given on account status & it was accepted by all members who were present.. The 18th Annual Bowties vs the World report: 2018 has not been kind to us as for raising $$$ for our Kid’s charities, we had a short fall at this year’s Show n Shine both in $$$ raised & entry count.. For the first time ever, the car club’s account had to be “dipped” into. The pros & cons were discussed by all present and the final decision is to be made on our donation amount at the Oct. meeting.. One thing sure is that the amount that we have “handed” out in the past will be smaller this year. The final count for entries was 85 in total & the $$ generated from this event covered the costs but fell short on our donation port…