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Meeting Minutes from April 2014

Edmonton & Area 567 Club April 2nd Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                 Start time: approx. 7 p.m            12 members present     Location : Blackjack’s Roadhouse                     1. March Minutes reviewed by the Prez/membership & passed.                      2. Treasurer’s report was given & passed by the membership present..                     3. Website status was given, lots of activity & close to 2000 visits this past month! Remind the membership to use the Swap n Shop section to their advantage..                     4. Quick Times swap meet in March was a good success for the club, we sold “lots” of raffle tickets & received lots of exposure on the Club itself..                         Special Thanks to Shawn, Don & Jim for all their work at the ‘meet...                      5. …