Legends Golf Club Museum Car Meet

Just a small part of what we saw at the Legends Golf Club Museum, and a photo of everyone who attended that day, we had a great time.

Members Rides

Here are the members that appeared at the Wellington Park Community day event

August Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club August Meeting


                             August 4, 2021                       12 members present                           7 p.m start time


The July 7 meeting minutes were read by Jim and were accepted by all present.


The club account was presented and only one disbursement to the ESRA was issued for the amount of $200.00..

The SVAA  along with the Alberta Government have proclaimed that every June 9 of each year will

be proclaimed “ Antique car day ” across Alberta... There was a collection of various car clubs from the area

and Jim represented our group at the event which was held at the Railway Museum...


We had a special guest present, Mr. Bernie McIvor Jr.... He was present to thank the car club for the special award that will be awarded at the end of the year to a club member that displays the same attributes that his father  “ Bernie” had shown while he was one of our members for quite a long time, as we all know Bernie left us earlier in the year and we decided to have a special memorial award in his name .. Bernie Jr. has his father’s ’57 Chevy at his place and will restore it over the winter months and get it on the road...


Gene B. gave us some info on the upcoming ESRA car show slated for August 28.. The Edmonton & Area 567 club is a proud 2nd year sponsor of this show.. For those members who going to participate in this show please contact Norm, so we can “cruise” down to-gether..


It has been mentioned quite a few times that our Annual show n shine has been “postponed” for another year.. This of course is because of the Covid-19 virus/Delta variant that still “haunts’ everyone.. However it has been reported that NAPA Auto parts still wants to be part of it, once we get the “green light” to put it on... Hopefully in 2022..


Roy M. has arranged  a club outing to view a collection of Corvettes and unusual Goff carts at a local museum.. More to come on this outing at the next meeting..


Just a brief note , Norm M. has purchased a 1932 Ford ( yes I said a Ford) Hot Rod.. Nice car for a Ford.. He still has his ’56 Chevy wagon too !!!


Parts For sale or in need.. ( please contact these members )


Jim K. is looking for a complete set of sway bars( front /rear) for his ’55 Chevy        Ph.780-473-4559

Francis P.  has a 454 cu.in. ( with less than 100,000 on it) engine , $400.00               Ph. 587-785-5660

Norm M. is looking for a ’56 Chevy Hood                          Ph. 780-951-0521

Norm M. has some ‘55 fibreglass body panels                 Ph. 780-951-0521

Roy M. has a TH400 Trans.$300.00  & a ’56 Pontiac Hardtop $30,000.00         Ph. 780- 909-2283


Upcoming events


ESRA car show  Aug.28

Little car club    Aug.8    Downtown Army/Navy store site

Stony Plain Swap Meet  Sept. 25

Red Deer fall swap meet  Oct. 9

Stony Plain Show n Shine for Sept. 4

Lumby B.C “Front line workers” dedication car show  Sept 11


50/50 draw

Brian C. Won the $$$$$           2nd prize won by Dave M.


Next meeting -  Sept 1/2021 @ 14305-121A-Ave ( upstairs)  7 p.m start time..




September Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club September meeting    Sept.1 @ 7 p.m      15 members present


The August minutes were read/reviewed and accepted by all present..

The ESRA show n shine held on August 28 was well attended, lots to see... The club received a Thank-you letter from them regarding our sponsorship..


  The club account is in Good shape, the most recent debt was for a table at the Sept. 4 Stony Plain Swap meet.. ( note: this event was cancelled due to the Covid issue & our cheque was returned )..


Sorry to say that there are STILL some outstanding membership renewals, We will have to make changes to this issue in 2022... Contact Norm ( our membership director if you Still have to renew or let us know if you still want to be with us).. We need a review on membership contacts also...


Roy M. has a cruise for our club to see the Golf cart museum plus to view a few Corvettes at the Legends golf course, these carts date back to the early 50’s & there are over 60 to check out. This will take place on Sept. 26 from 1-4 p.m, we are to meet at the Flying J truck stop for 10:30 ( for coffee or breakfast) before we head out.  Contact Roy for more info..


Just for your info, Norm and Wade are slated to visit the Danchuk facility in October...


On September 8, the club has been asked by the good folks at the Wellington Park community league to come out to show their “rides” once again during their annual membership drive.. Contact Jim for info..


Jim has expressed to all members present that we have to review the assorted classes for our “Bowties vs the World” Show n Shine for 2022, some of our supporters/sponsors may not be back with us due to economic conditions they face because of the Covid crap going on.. This will be discussed at our Oct. Meeting..

Also a discussion on the “Bernie McIvor” award ( given to a selected member who displays the outstanding contributions to the club over the past year) will be on the agenda..


Upcoming Events


Forestburg 3/8 mile drag racing is on most week-ends, Contact Mark Beland for more info or check out their website..

Lumby B.C, First Responders Charity Show n Shine, presented by the town & their Volunteer Fire Dept on Sept 11.

Red Deer fall Swap Meet on Oct.9.

Stoney Plain Show n shine on Sept. 4 ( downtown)


Parts For Sale 


Francis P has a big block 454 truck motor with less than 100 G’s for $400.00

Norm M. Looking for 1956 Chevy Hood

Norm has some fibre glass body panels for a ’55 Chevy  & he has started to produce “louvers” on anything that you want, Contact him for more info.

Ivan, in Gibbons has Chrome for a ’55 2 door Sedan plus enlarged inner rear wheel wells, Contact Norm for his phone number.

There is a guy on Kijiji from Calgary that has a pair of fenders for a ’55 Chevy..

Roy has a Pontiac H.T For Sale Plus inner fenders for a “55 Chevy/Pontiac..

Sandy has  3 stock Hub-caps for a ’55-’56 P/U contact him @ 780-977-1217..


50/50 winners

The $$$ was won by Wade 

Sandy & Armand won the 2nd & 3rd prizes


Next meeting is on October 6 @ 7 p.m         upstairs @ 14305-121A-Ave


2023 BowTies Vs the World

  August 26  @ NAPA AUTO PARTS  173 Street/111 Ave     Contact Jim @ 780-721-5553