Meeting Minutes for October 2016

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club October General Meeting Minutes
Driller`s lounge, Airway`s Inn, Nisku AB, @ 7 p.m 12 members present

We welcome a new member on board ! Norm Messervey (1956 4 door wagon)

Open meeting with Sept. minutes read by Club Prez. Roy M. & was accepted by all present.
Treasurer`s report was given by Jim K. The club`s account is good and a donation cheque to the ``Kids with Cancer`` Society of $2200.00 was written. Roy M. is to present the cheque to the ``Kids with Cancer`` Society.

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Annual 567 Club Xmas Dinner

It's that time of year again!
   The Edmonton & Area 567 club’s Annual Christmas dinner will take place on December 7 @Starting between  6:30-7:00 P.M at Black Jack’s Roadhouse Upstairs at Nisku, AB.    

All members welcome with a current membership card.
  The cost is $32.85 per person (this includes and covers GST and gratuity) to be PAID at November 2nd General meeting OR before November 16th DEADLINE (this to give ample time for head count for the Caterer ) 

Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price, but alcohol costs extra.

   You can send a cheque c/o Edmonton 567 Club @ 7807-152C-Ave, Edmonton AB, T5C-3L5  or come out to the meeting in November....
   The Great menu from last year will be offered plus the “Twelve days of Christmas door prizes” and a special gift to our Ladies draw... (as a thank you for all they put up with all year)

This venue is an 18+ only event.  No children please. 


Meeting Minutes for September 2016

The Edmonton & Area 567 club September General meeting Minutes
7 p.m Drillers Lounge, Airways Inn, Nisku Ab. 9 members present.

Minutes from August meeting were read by Roy M. & accepted by all present. Welcome to Warren Lee & Glen Kaminsky for joining our group..

Club Prez. thanked the small amount of members that assisted in making the Show n Shine successful. Special thank you to the wives and their friends for their help as well. Thanks goes out to Jim K for all his duties too. The folks at Canadian Tire were impressed & want us back for next year.

Treasurer’s report was given by Jim K. The final numbers were present for the Show n Shine. Again the Club’s bank account was not affected, all costs were covered by our sponsors. THANK-YOU to Them!!! The club account balance was given & accepted by all present.

Bowties vs the World:
A discussion on the show n shine was held and some of the ideas that were brought forward were touched on. What with this being a new venue for our event, we did see some issues arise.  A donation to the Kids with Cancer from the total registration received will be $2200.00. A cheque for this amount will be presented to them ASAP. All the Photos and results are posted on our website, Check them out!

Some ideas that were mentioned, is to I.D the ballot pails a little better. The ballot pails for each class had the class marked on the lids but some members suggested that each pail should be numbered to correspond with the way the ballots sheet were printed with each class numbered on them. It may reduce ballots misplaced in the wrong pails. We have
to re-design the ramp for those “low riders” that want to park on the grassy area. It seems that the ramp was a wee bit tough to drive onto & also to add another ramp was brought forward.
The registration time may be moved ahead to 9 a.m instead of the 8 a.m (that 8 a.m time, we have had for many years). This time change may give us more time to set up. This may help ONLY if all members come out to help set up the venue before the entrants arrive.  Signage around the new site has to be improved, this idea will be addressed for next year. Having the Boy Scouts attend the BBQ booth was Great! They will be invited back next year as well. The addition of the “Best Early Hot-rod” class was a good idea, & the rest of the award classes will remain. These are always depending on our sponsors. As always we NEED ALL members to assist to make this event to run smoothly. Thank-you cards to all sponsors are to be completed by Jim soon.

New Business:
The Car Club license plate project by Roy M. is deferred to our October meeting.
The club will be at the Red Deer swap meet Oct 8. The club trailer will be there to promote our club with a club table plus Roy & Jim are buying a table each. so 3 tables are booked. This was accepted by all present. The club has also booked 3 tables (1 each for Jim & Roy) and 1 for the Club at the Stony Plain swap meet in November.

November meeting will have a guest speaker, Mr. Reg Adams is slated to attend and bring forth his concept of his about plan on holding a swap meet in city of Edmonton & having us involved with him.

The discussion of getting a 2017 calendar done was brought forward. The 2016 calendar was a big success & plans to do another one were widely accepted by all present. Roy M. will look at some locations for a photo shoot.. When and where will be discussed soon. The season & weather plays a big issue & this project should be done soon. The club will contact all members about bringing their rides out for the photo shoot.

The Website numbers for August were brought forward. We received a little over 2,400 views (wrongly stated during the meeting as 11,000) , with the Pro-Stock Show n Shine & our info on the B vs W event were the most visited.

The Car club’s Annual Christmas supper is slated for December 7 & again Don C. to make all the arrangements, Stay Tuned !!! Thanks Don!
A brief Swap n Shop was then held and there was No 50/50 draw this time..
The meeting ended @ 8:50 p.m
Minutes recorded by: Keith G ( Bernie M, was not present)
Next meeting @ 7 p.m on October 5th @ the Driller’s lounge, Airways Inn. Nisku Ab.

2023 BowTies Vs the World

  August 26  @ NAPA AUTO PARTS  173 Street/111 Ave     Contact Jim @ 780-721-5553