February Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club February meeting Minutes Start 7 p.m @ New West Hotel Conference room 11 members present
January minutes were read by Interm Prez. Jim K. and accepted by those present (For the first time ever, the club rec’d a phone call from Mexico by a fellow member, Norm M. had called during the meeting) Treasurer’s Report was given & club account is doin’ fine & the report was accepted by all those present.


The meeting was very short, because the weather was terrible & we did not want the members that “Bravely” showed up, to stay too long.. The support from those who came out was GREATLY appreciated. Club Swap Meet : Our date @ Millennium Place is April 20/2019, the past number of vendors have been informed.. And the event promos have begun… Move in date is April 19/2019 from 1-9 p.m.. More discussion on this @ the March meeting.. Other Swap meet dates that the club will be at : March 30 Quick Times Swap Meet …

January Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club January 2 2019 meeting minutes  7 p.m New West Hotel conference room 14 members present The previous meeting minutes from December were read by Club V.P Shawn G. and was passed by all members present. Shawn also presided over this meeting, as Club Prez. Jim K. was away in California at this time.
The club’s bank account was reported & the info was accepted by all present.
The club’s Christmas party was successful again.. A big Thank-you goes out to Zoe & Norm Messervery for hosting the evening at their place.
Note: membership dues are now due for the 2019 year.
Swap Meet: The idea of having the Swap Meet at a Southside warehouse fell thru But Jim has secured the Sherwood Park Location for the club.. To be held on April 20th.. We have close to 80 10 x 10 stalls available & the fee is still only $40.00 for a stall. Tables if needed will be $12.00 extra but only currently have a few to use from the local church.
Club raffle idea: This idea was passed b…

2019 Swap Meet

The 2019 swap meet is coming up!

December 2018 Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club December meeting minutes
Held at the New West hotel, Dec. 5, 2018 13 members present

Interm Prez Jim K. read the Nov. minutes & all members accepted with no issues. The Club Treasurer’s report was given & the club account is in good standing, The Treasurer’s report was accepted by the members present.
The club’s Spring Swap meet location that Norm’s agent was to check out was a “no go” . Securing the location was the issue, Jim K. to have a response from the folks at Millenium Place, as per a location. The date is in April, which does not interfere with the Swap Meets in Stony Plain & Red Deer. The location in Sherwood Park will have the area downsized however.. Possible 77 10X10 stalls available, down from the previous 137 stalls (in a larger area.)
More discussion on a club Raffle, the ticket cost is 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00 with 3 prizes to be offered. Approx. 1500 -200 tickets to be printed. More to be discussed & finalized. Idea is to …

Merry Christmas 2018!

Merry Christmas 2018 to all from the Edmonton and Area 567 club members!

November 2018 Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club November meeting 
Start time 7 p.m w/12 members present @ the New West Hotel Conference Room

Interm Club Prez Jim K. read the October minutes and the minutes were accepted by all those present. The report on the club’s Bank account was given by Jim & the info on the club account is good & all members present accepted the report with No issues or concerns. The Edmonton & Area 567 club members have decided to have our current executive stay on as is for another term. Those currently on the “board” have no issue with the membership decision. At this print the club had only 36 calendars left, out of 250 printed, the interest is very good & very surprising. All but a couple members, who were there, took the rest of the calendars to “aid” in distributing them. The Spring Swap meet location was investigated by Norm M. & he has stated that Nov.15 he would find out more on this location & will report to the membership at the December meeting. …