Merry Christmas to all.


November Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club November Monthly Minutes


  Meeting started @ 7:05 P.M with 15 Members present

  We did not provide Pizza/Pop as we did in October.

A review of the October minutes were given, along with the current treasurer’s report.

All the info was accepted by all members ( club account in v.g standing still )


Still waiting for the bank’s Covid issues to be resolved ( it seems that they have a personnel issue) so Norm & Roy can have their names added to the account for signing authority..


A brief statement was made on our club’s tour to the Legends Vintage Golf Cart Museum... We will arrange a tour in 2021 for all the members.


There was a discussion on our annual Christmas gathering, It has been decided to have it @ Norm’s place with a potluck style of supper..

NOTE: as of this decision the plans have changed and the Christmas gathering has been CANCELLED due to the current Covid AHS ruling for this year.....


The spring swap meet that has been so successful in the past is still in the works.. Just waiting for the County of Strathcona to contact Jim on plans/dates..


We still have the plans in the works for our 20th Annual “ Bowties vs the World” show n shine.. Tenative date is August 28/2021.

Reminder to ALL members, Please approach your contacts for door prizes for the event & attach business cards to them.. Further discussion on this event will be occurring at the January Meeting..


Still no word from the province on our Non-Profit status for 2021, never heard from them for the 2020 term either.. Application has been made..


The December meeting to be held at Norm’s Shop new location @ 14305-121A-Ave N.W.. Please NOTE : The December meeting has been CANCELLED due to the Covid Virus and the AHS new ruling....

The January meeting slated for Jan. 6th is still a go, as far as we know.. All members will be notified in advance if that has to cancelled also.... (check your junk/spam folders)


Various Parts For Sale

Jim has a pair of SBC valve cover with a K&N Breather attached on one of them - $60.00

Wade has a set of doors for a 4 door ’55 - $500.00

Sandy has a pair of ’55-’59 truck doors - $400.00  & 2 pair of Centerline rims w/caps ( 15X8.5 & 15X3.5 ) - $ 500.00

Norm has various Tri-5 parts ( in good shape) & some Muscle car parts too – Contact him for prices

Brian has ’57 rad. Saddle - $100

Lawrence has 1955 trunk lid - $100 & ’57 Center section for rear bumper - $150 ( Ph 780-288-1957)


Various Parts  Wanted

Brian searching for ONE 15X5 Corvette Ralley wheel

Roy looking for a good rear bumper for a Tri-5 Pontiac

Bentley looking for ’56 wagon chassis ( complete)

Lawrence searching for Rear window tracks for a ’57 ragtop


50/50 draw

Results were not recorded..  OOPS !

Meeting ended @8:10 p.m

Minutes recorded by Jim K. ( in absent for Wade A.)

Next meeting December 2/2020 @ 7 p.m  NOTE : This has been CANCELLED DUE TO THE CURRENT AHS COVID RULINGS !!!!!

Location is 14305-121A-Ave


Just a short note, The Edmonton & Area 567 Club has lost a great member and supporter, he will be truly missed..

Rest in Peace Bernie... You will Always be near our Hearts & he will be lookin’ down at our meetings !! I am sure..


Stay Safe Everyone !!!!!



October 2020 Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 October general meeting minutes


Meeting started @ 7:10 P.M with 18 members present.

Pizza/Pop was provided for all attendees.

A review of the September minutes along with the treasurer’s report was given..

All info was accepted by those present ( club account is v.g standing )


Once the Covid issues with the Bank, the club will pursue having Norm’s & Roy’s Name for added signing authority.


Roy & Jim spoke to the fella from the Legends Vintage Golf Cart Museum at the Red Deer Swap meet on Oct 10th & have decided between the three of them to have our Car club tour in the spring.. The reason, that there is No heat in the museum to view the Golf Cart collection in comfort..Sooo  Stay tuned in 2021..


Quick Times swap meet was finally held on Oct. 10..The club was there & rec’d lots of interest in our group..


The Club’s 2020 Christmas gathering was discussed & was proposed to hold it at Norm’s house & to have it “Pot Luck” style, Further discussion on this event to be discussed and finalized at our November meeting, some issues have arisen due to the current Covid crap.


Nothing yet from the good folks at Millennium Place regarding our Swap meet & booking a date.. Stay Tuned..


The plans are still in place to host our 20th Annual “Bowties vs the World” charity show n shine in 2021 ( hopefully this Covid “thingy” is over by then).. Member input on some ideas always regarded...


The club still has Not rec’d our Non-Profit statement for 2020 from the Province.. The 2021 application is “up in the air”... Deadline for 2021 application is Oct.31...


Norm has indicated that, to hold our November meeting at the current location & quite possible we will move to his new shop for the December meeting..  Stay tune on this !


Parts For Sale ( note some items are sold already)

Jim K. has 1 pair of SBC valve covers w/K&N Breather attached one one of them - $ 60.00

Craig S. Has ’57 Split bench seat - $800.00

Wade A. Has a set of ’55 doors for a 4 door -$500.00

Sandy has ’59 truck cab -$400.00, Pair of ’55-’59 truck doors $400.00, 2 pairs of centerline rims with caps - $ 500.00                                ( 15X8.5 & 15X 3.5)

Norm has various tri-5 & muscle car parts – Prices neg. (contact him)


Parts wanted 

Doug J. Looking for a BBC intake

Brian C. Searching for ONE 15x5 Corvette Ralley rim

Roy M. Looking for a good set of front & rear bumpers for a Tri-5 Pontiac.

Wade requires a ’55 Chevy Split front seat

Bentley searching for a ’56 wagon complete chassis


50/50 draw results.

Cash won by Craig S. , Wooden Car club Plaque won by Laurie C. & the magnetic parts tray won by Doug. J.


Meeting ended @ 8:15 p.m

Minutes recorded by Jim K. (in absent for Wade A.)


Next Club meeting On November 4th @ 7 p.m

Location – National RV Siding Ltd. 14448-124-Ave...


September Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club September monthly Meeting Minutes..


Meeting started shortly 7 p.m with 15 members present

Pizza was provided for those who were hungry enough..

We reviewed the August meeting minutes & the Treasurer gave his $$$ statement ( all is V.G)


Guest speaker for the meeting was Mr. Pat Watters, Owner & Operator of Pat’s Power Polishing & Protection…

Pat gave us a “demo” on his work, Very impressive to say the least, All current members can receive a discount on his work when they make arrangements with him..

The addition of adding Roy & Norm to our club’s account ( for signing authority) is still pending.. Due to banking hours and the Covid issue we haven’t got it taken care of yet..


New Business

Roy is still working on a club member tour to the Legends Vintage golf cart & car collection for us… Stay tuned…


The club will be at the October Quick Times swap meeting in Red Deer on Oct.10th.. We have one “promo” table plus Jim & Roy have a table each.. If any members wish to book a spot, please contact Don MacCowan @ Quick-times 403-886-7663 or drop down to the Westerner on Friday evening or 1st thing on Oct.10 before 8 a.m..

Note: If any members have ideas for this winter for our club members to participate in please let us know ( shop tours, bowling, go-carting, etc)..


The 2020 Club Christmas gathering is being currently discussed, Here what was discussed lately, try to have it at a good restaurant like we had last year, hold a gathering at Norm’s house and make it a “pot luck” style, or Cancel it all together.. Let’s here from the members on their ideas.. A Final decision must be made at the October meeting.. ( Oct.7 @ 7 p.m)..


A concern  (due to Covid & rental costs) on presenting out 2021 Swap meet is open for discussion @ our Oct. meeting..


As was mentioned earlier, Norm has offered our Club meetings to be moved to his new location in the new year (or earlier)..

Many thanks to Armand for checking out new locations for us but The club has accepted Norm’s proposal..


Parts For Sale ( some ads may be updated)

Craig  has a ’57 Chev. Split bench front seat- $800

Wade has a set of ’55 Chev. Doors for a 4 door car - $500.00

Sandy has various items for sale, ’59 truck cab - $400.00, Pair of ’55 –’59 truck doors - $400.00, ’55 rear end assembly - ?? and 1 pr. 15X 8.5 & 15X 3.5 Centerline rims w/caps - $500.00.

Norm has various Tri-5 & muscle car parts, contact him..


Parts wanted ( some ads may be updated)

Don. C looking for LS5.3 & 6L engine cores

Doug is searching for BBC intake

Brian looking for a 15X5 Corvette ralley wheel

Roy looking for a Good set of front/rear bumpers for his Pontiac

Wade looking for a ’55 Chev. Split front seat

Bentley looking for ’56 Chev Wagon Chassis ( complete)


50/50 draw results

I did not record who won ( I’m Bad)


Meeting recorded by Jim. K


Meeting ended @ 8 p.m

THANKS to Norm for Hosting the meeting at his shop…


Next meeting @ 7 p.m Oct.7      14448-124 Ave         National RV Siding ltd



Wellington Park Meet

On Saturday Sept 19 the Edmonton & Area 567 club were invited to the Annual Community League Day at Wellington Park. We would like to Thank the following members that brought out their “rides” for the show which had just a little over 20 vehicles on display.. Those present were Don Stuparyk , Geoff Scott, Brian Cherneski, Glen Kamisky & Jim Kennedy.. The Wellington Park council wishes to Thank our club & those who came out.



August 29 Swap Meet

Held on a cold, windy & cloudy Saturday Aug.29 here are some of our members that braved the weather to be at the Tri 5 & Muscle swap meet...


a "Beary" Special Supporter

 The A&W bear, and thanks to our supporter.....

Thanks A&W, and let's make next year a "beary" special year.

A few more nights of summer left, make the most of it with your rides.


The April monthly general meeting is CANCELLED due to Covid-19 issues.  Next meeting will be on May 6 th  @ 7 p.m , National RV Sidin...