Swap Meet 2020

Remember everyone print out and hand out, it's our baby, so let's make it a good one.



February Minutes

567 Club
Edmonton, AB

Month of January 2020 - Commencing at 7:10pm at National RV Siding (144482 –
124 Ave)

New Members
Welcome Don and Doug. Introductions around the room

Last month minutes
Nothing reported as last month was a social Christmas gathering.

Old Business
2020 567 Calendars – We have surpassed our expenses for the calendars and are
now making money for our charities. Members asked to assist in sales and if you
need information on anything calendar related contact Norm or Jim.

New Business
Our Swap meet to take place on Easter weekend April 10, 2020. Millennium
Place 2000 Premier Way Sherwood Park. Volunteers are requested for set up all
day Friday, please come out and help.

Our Show and Shine to take place on Saturday August 29, 2020. Napa 17310 –
111 Ave Edmonton. Volunteers are requested for set up early Saturday morning,
please come out and help.

We are having a logo contest for our 567 Bowties vs world Show and
Shine. Members are asked to create a 20th Anniversary logo design for the event.
Logo must incorporate the Bowties vs World theme with a special one off 20th
Anniversary included for this year. Members have up to the end of March to
submit your artwork with a prize will be awarded to the winner.

Danchuk is on board to assist promotion of our show and shine event.
Show and shine winners will receive an engraved metal/aluminum drive-in style window serving tray supplied from Danchuck. These trays are also available to Members, if interested please contact Jim as he is handling the ordering. Members are asked to talk it up about the show and shine to possible
companies/individuals who would like to participate on vendor’s row or donate door prizes. This is a big job so please assist in anyway you can.

Suggestion from Roy about a drive-in style movie night where we put up a
couple movies on the side of the building.

Suggestion from Wade about a member points system to encourage more participation. Examples... Score a point for attending meeting, one for the member and one if brings 567 car or truck, 2 points for attending an organized cruise, 3 or 4 for working a swap or show. Members with enough points could get a free Christmas meal. Think on it, details can be worked out next month if this is
something we want to go forward with.

Executive officers.

Do we hold nominations this month or next?
Signing authorities at bank can be a bit of a hassle due to appointment and transfer
names. Decision around the room to do nominations this month.

Prez: Jim Kennedy to stay on as Prez unless there is another Member interested. Norm Messervey nominates Jim Kennedy. No other nominations for Prez. Jim by

Congratulations Jim on first new Grand Daughter!

Vice Prez: Shawn Green stepping down as Vice Pres. Nomination of Wade Ashton by Shawn Green. Wade Ashton declines as he is doing meeting minutes as Recording Sec. Roy Marko nominated by? No other nominations. Roy by acclamation.

Membership Director: Norm Messervey to stay on unless another Member interested. Wade Ashton nominates Norm Messervey. No other nominations. Norm by acclamation.

Membership dues for 2020 are now due, please see Norm for additional sign up
sheet and pay $25.

Next Month meeting will be at National RV Siding (14448 – 124 Ave) again due to the renovations taking place at New West Hotel with completion date unknown. Members who have a suggestion for meeting location please share with group at next meeting.

Safety suggestion. Be sure to check tires and date of tire manufacture. Story of Corvette owner who had outdated 30-year-old tires so insurance did not cover vehicle damage.

Event Suggestions (Are you willing to Champion/Organize an event?)
Garage tours – Please let us know if you want to host at your garage.
Swap Meets
Lethbridge February 15
Stoney Plain ?
Red Deer May 1&2

Jim has BBC valve covers.
Craig Shepherd has a ’57 two door coupe for sale. Asking $42000, has $62000
invested. It can be viewed on Kijiji or call Craig.
Bently is looking for frame to build outriggers.

Adjournment 7:56pm
Jim provided pizza.
Rob gave shop tour at National RV Siding.


2020 Calendars

567 Club’s charity calendar- 14 months from December 2019 thru to January 2021- Featuring various member’s vehicles & of course Great Looking Ladies, Price only $10.00 each plus S/H $5.00... for yours please e-mail jskennedy@shaw.ca to place your order or to make arrangements to pick up ...They make a great stocking stuffer !! Please Note: ALL PROCEEDS are directed to various Kids groups in the Edmonton Area!!!!!!!

Nivember minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club November meeting minutes
Nov.6/2019 @ the New West Hotel conference room 18 members
The club welcomed a new member, Mr. Mike Lynn. Welcome Mike !

The October minutes were reviewed & accepted by all present.  The treasurer’s report was given & the Bank account is in very good standing and all disbursements have been completed and closed. The report was accepted by all members present.

Donations of $1100.00 ea. were given to Win House, Be Brave Ranch &  the Autism group of Edmonton (Autism Edmonton) from our swap meet & show n shine gate.. The application to the Province has been submitted for the 2020 year for our Non-Profit status.

Remember ! Club swap meet is April 10& 11/2020 &  Our 20 th Annual “Bowties vs the World” is slated for August 29/2020 !!!!

Club calendar will be ready for sale on November 29, They are a 14 month Calendar and sale for $10.00 each with the proceeds going to various kids charities in the Edmonton Region. Order yours to-day, See Jim or Norm.. there will be some for sale at the Christmas gathering on Dec.4… They would make Great stocking stuffers !!

Annual Christmas gathering will be at the Smilie’s restaurant in Sherwood Park on December 4, hence NO monthly meeting to be held..The cost is $25.00 per person (buffet style), Please bring cash to cover your meal cost.. Beverages are your own responsibility.. NOTE, the RCMP are not too nice in Sherwood Park, if ya’ know what I mean…

All members are asked to draw up a 20 th Anniversary logo design for the upcoming Show n Shine, incorporating B vs W logo.. All designs to be handed in by May 1 st . The winning design selected to win a prize. Let’s see what you can do!!!!

50/50 winners
Mark B won the $$$$, Lloyd S won the Musclecar Book & Dave M.
won the NAPA Auto Parts ball cap..

Parts for Sale

Jim K. has a rear window for a’55 or ’56 Sedan $ 75.00 plus a couple pairs of BBC stock height valve covers. One pair is painted black & embossed with “Chevrolet” on them for $80.00.. The other pair are Chromed embossed Edelbrock valve covers (never mounted, still in the box) with a K& N breather, $100.00

1999 GMC 3500 C/C dually with canopy- $4800.00.. See Jim for info and pics…

Wade A. has the following ’55 items for sale:
’55 roof from a 4 dr $400.00, ’55 hood in primer $400.00
’55 dr. side Fender (needs work) $150.00, ’55 inner fenders 1 pr. $80.00
’55 front & rear seats from a 4 dr. $200.00
Looking for a Posi rearend..

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS &THEIR FAMILIES…Next meeting is January 8 th / 2020 @ the New West Hotel 7 p.m…


October Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club October meeting minutes  
    Start @ 7 p.m  New West hotel Conference room     
17 members present

The meeting started with Interm prez. Jim K. reviewing the Sept. minutes & all members present accepted as read..
The Treasurer’s report was given, as was the case in Sept. the club account is Great!. The cost factors of our show n shine were presented & we came thru really good.. The breakdown on the costs was presented & all present accepted the report as given..
The donations of $1100.00 each were decided by the members and the following groups will receive the $$$$.. They are the Win House, Be Brave Ranch & Audism Edmonton.. Plus all of our expenses were taken care of & we are in the “Black”.
Bowties vs the World:
20th year of our event and it is on August 29 at the NAPA facility, 17310-111-Ave. Open to all makes!! The club is to make this a GOOD ONE !!!
Club Calendar:
Photo shoot was taken on Sept.8 as reported at Dawson’s Motors.. At first it was decided that 1000 calendars would be produced.. BUT due to the lack of sponsors for this project, the number was reduced to 500 calendars and the cost per month was dropped to $300.00 per sponsor.. The calendars sell for $10.00 each and according to some members, there is a lot of interest to purchase this calendar. They are a 14 month calendar with a mixture of pin-up style photos and just the vehicle alone.. All $$$ raised are going to various Kid’s groups in Edmonton.
Edmonton Civic retirees Mini car show occurred on Sept.27 and was briefly discussed by all present.. Only a couple of our members showed up (due to inclement weather) & the ESRA had close to 10 members appear. A nine course meal was offered to all that attended..
Swap meet info:
The club attended the Capital region Swap meet in Stony Plain,this occurred on Sept.27.. The turn out for shoppers was that ok & the club table was busy..
The Quicktimes Swap Meet in Red Deer was held on Oct.12 & the turn out there was great in the morning but slow in the afternoon.. Our Club table had it’s good moments in the morning (as to interest in our club) but like everyone else there, the afternoon was not that great..
The SVAA had their fall meeting in Red Deer during the Swap meet & Jim K. represented our club.. One thing that really stood out was the topic of “old” tires used on collector vehicles. It has been heavily suggested that if you have tires on your “ride” that are old, maybe it is time to replace them. So that you may not experience a mishap with the old rubber.. Several cases were noted.. One most recently involving a ’63 split window corvette & one of his rear tires blowing out causing it to Flip at the speed it was travelling on his way to Radium S/S..
Our Spring Swap Meet is a GO, as the membership decided to continue our efforts, it is slated for the Easter week-end, April 10-11 at Millenium Place in Sherwood Park..  More info on this at the January meeting due to our December’s meeting is our annual Christmas gathering & we just eat and be merry for that night..
As was the case, the club is still searching for a monthly meeting recorder..It is a easy job, Bernie did a terrific job when he was our guy but now we have to search for his replacement.
The annual Christmas gathering will be discussed at the November meeting and a final decision will be made by all present as to where it will be.. There is a number of members with some ideas and they all will be presented at the November meeting. 
Parts for sale:
Norm M. still looking for a Tri-five body for his stock car or mud racer project.
Jim K. has a rear window for a ’55 or ’56 sedan (CHEAP!!) plus a couple of pair of  BBC stock Height Valve covers. One set is painted in Black for $80.00 pr. and a new set (never mounted) Chrome Edelbrocks with K&N breather for $100.00..
October 50/50 winners:
Norm M. won the cash, Doug J. won a NAPA gift mug & Gene L. won a GM high performance catalogue.
Meeting ended at 8:10 pm
Next meeting on Nov. 6 @ the New West Hotel conference room @ 7 pm.. 


September Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club September meeting minutes
      Start @ 7 p.m   New West Hotel Conference room   16 members present

The members welcomed a new member Terry Olander & the Interm Prez. Jim K. reviewed the August minutes, the minutes were then accepted by all members present.
The club account was presented by the club treasurer and it reflected on the outcome from the Show n Shine.. The account is in excellent standing & the report was accepted by all members present.. A “breakdown” on the Show N Shine costs and results to be discussed at the October meeting..

The 19th Annual Bowties vs the World:
We held the event on August 24 @ the NAPA Auto parts store at 111 Ave/173 St. The total number of entrants that entered was 126, that was the third best entrant count in the 19 yrs. that we have had this event.. The award results are posted on the club’s website along with some event photos.. We generated close to $ 2600.00 for our charity fund after all the Bills have been paid.. Next year’s event date has not been selected as of yet BUT we know it will be held in late August 2020..
The members are asked to select on the October meeting which Kid’s charities that the funds will be donated to.. Combine the spring swap meet “take” & the $$$ from the Show n Shine, we should be able to donate over $4600.00 to our selected charities.. The charity and amount to each selected charity to be decided..

Calendar Photo shoot:
This will be held at Dawson’s Motors on Sept.8/2019.. Jim has a list of 13 members interested to bring out their “rides” for this. The photographer is Mr. Ray Johnson from Millet and we have numerous ladies interested in appearing for the “shoot”.. Norm M. to pursue the sponsors for the 14 month calendar.. Plan is to have 1000 printed @ $10.00 each.. All monies generated will be directed to our Kid’s fund “pool”..

Edmonton Civic Employees Mini car show:
We have been asked to participate in a Mini car show along with members from the Edmonton Street Rod Association on Sept. 27 @ the Nova Hotel.. This will be between 11:00 a.m till 1 p.m approx.. A seven course meal will be provided by the Retirees to all members that bring their vehicles out..

Swap meet info:
The club will be attending the Capital Region Swap meet in Stony Plain on Sept.28, Along with our booth there will be several club members participating.
October 12 sees the Club at the “Quick Times” Swap meet in Red Deer…
Early discussion on our own Swap Meet to be “touched on” at October meeting…

Club is seeking New Minute recorder:
Bernie M. has “stepped” aside from his position & the club is now seeking a member to record our minutes at each meeting..

Annual Christmas gathering:
This year’s Club Christmas dinner is to be discussed at the October meeting..

Parts For Sale or needed:
Norm. M is looking for a Tri-5 body for a stock car or mud racer project.
Jim K. has a rear window for a ‘55/’56 sedan and a couple pair of BBC valve covers up for grabs, they are in black, one pair is ‘embossed’ with the word Chevrolet and the other pair has a Chevy Bowtie on each cover..

The winners of our monthly draw were not recorded, SORRY ‘bout that !!

Meeting ended at 8:10 P.M               Next meeting is October 2/2019 at the New   West Hotel conference room located @ 151 St/111 Ave ..
Minutes recorded by ?????


Winners At Bowties vs the World

The 19th Annual Bowties vs the World Show n Shine results August 24/2019 @ NAPA Auto Parts (111 Ave/173 St) 
 126 total entries 

All Years Truck – Sponsored by Maximum Mechanical
Winner – Kelvin Magera 1936 Chevy P/U R/U – Henry Lipka 1935 Chevy P/U

Best of the pre 50’s – Sponsored by National RV Siding
Winner – Bob Simpson 1946 Chevy Fleetline R/U – Bruce Cranston 1923 Model T

Best of the Tri-Five Era – Sponsored by Greasy D’s Rod & Kustom
1955 winner – Les Hastey, 1956 winner – Hank Gulaga, 1957 – Mike DeRegt

Best of the 50’s – Sponsored by Street Iron Kustoms
Winner – Buck Sackman 1956 Chevy 4 Dr. R/U – Robert Waite 1959 Pontiac

Best of the 60’s – Sponsored by Cougar Paint & Collision
Winner – Doug Kant 1965 Pontiac LeMans R/U – Brett Stevens 1968 Shelby

Best of the 70’s – Sponsored by Certified Radio
Winner – Silvia Janzen 1970 Nova R/U – Wendy Richer – 1970 Camaro

Best of Modern Street (1980-Present) – Sponsored by Headwind Automotive Solutions
Winner – Wes Track 2010 Dodge Challenger R/U – Harvey VanSemmler 1987 Firebird

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club Best member’s vehicle – Sponsored by Roy Marko’s Garage
Winner – Jim Kennedy 1955 Chevy R/U – Doug Joliffe 1955 Chevy

Single Award results :

Best Engine Detail –Sponsored by Pro-Stock Performance & Machine
Winner - Wes Track 2010 Dodge Challenger

Long Distance – Sponsored by Competition Insurance
Winner – Don McGowan Red Deer AB.

Best Future Project – Sponsored by Dawson Motors
Winner – Gordon Track 1968 Olds Cutlass

Best Rat-Rod – Sponsored by Ryerson Metals/ Jim Lamb
Winner – Vinnie Shankar 1929 Chevy

Special Interest – Sponsored by RonJen Automotive Cosmetics
Winner – Tony Bombino 1939 Jaguar

Best Early Hot-Rod ( Pre 1950’s) – Sponsored by Keith’s Water Services
Winner – Harold Properzi 1938 Ford

Best All Years small car – Sponsored by Nitromaniac TV
Winner – Harold Wengrun 2004 Ford T-Bird

Best Competition/Pro-street Vehicle – Sponsored by Route 99 Street Diner
Winner – Marcel Fortin 1966 Chevy II

Best Motorcycle – Sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts
Winner – Norman Messervey 2018 Trike

Best Of Show – Sponsored by Prath Trophy & Awards
Winner – Dave Scragg 1970 Pontiac GTO

Entant Cash draw - Megan & Andy Whitehouse Sherwood Park AB.

Bi-Annual Raffle – Dewalt Drill/Impact driver set – Alvin Ewanchuk Edmonton AB.

Nostalgia Metal Beverage Cooler – Paul Stewart Red Deer AB.

$50.00 Visa Gift card – Joe Hurst Edmonton AB.

NAPA Tool Chest – Kery Samardzija Edmonton AB.

 Thank-you to all our Sponsors & To All that supported our Cause !!