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Bow-ties vs the World - The Aftermath

Club president Roy Marko had the pleasure of personally delivering this year's proceeds from the Bow-Ties vs the World Charity Show & Shine to representatives of the Kids with Cancer Society.

Once again, a gigantic thank you to every single person who participated, contributed, showcased, volunteered, and pretty much had anything to do with the event in question. See you again next year.

Upcoming Events for the Month of October 2013

The following is a list of events for members and enthusiasts to bring their vehicles out to, located in the greater Edmonton Area for the coming month.

MORE Bow-Ties Photos

Thanks to Elaine Garner who submitted some photos from the Bow-Ties event.   Below are Don Kawalilak and his 1984 Monte Carlo, as well as Keith Garner and his 1979  Chevy Silverado Long Box 

Also, here's a picture of Don Cornish destroying the competition for the sixth consecutive time. Pie Eating Champion.

Bow-Ties Vehicle Photos

There were well over 100 vehicles entered at the Bow-Ties vs the World Show and Shine - if you spot yours - post in the comments where your picture is and I'll update it to include your name and car. (Please count the row, and state if your picture is on the left or right.)

August 2013 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the August 7, 2013 Monthly Meeting of the Edmonton 5-6-7 Chevy Club held at the premises of the Blackjack Café located in Nisku, Alberta

1.Call to Order The Meeting was presided over by President, Roy Marko and was Called to Order at 7:20 p.m.
Present at the Meeting: Roy Marko, President Daymion Weiss V.P Richard Wheatley, Secretary Jim Kennedy Treasurer Don Cornish And 14 other members
The Minutes of last month’s meeting held on the first Wednesday of July were read by President Marko and a few of the items were discussed.  Announcement and reports were made as follows:

a)The Summer Barbecue for the Club is on August 11, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. at Devon, Alberta.  It was announced that we need 4 extra prizes for the barbecue at Devon, which will have our annual 1/64 scale drag race.  Hamburgers and smokies plus beverage will be avail for paid members. However the 1/64 drag race has a $5.00 entry fee per person..
b)Availability of Canopies – Jim Kennedy said that we needed 2 more canopies for …

Bow-Ties vs the World Results

August 24 was a heck of a busy day, with well over 100 vehicles showing up, a handful of contests, and a generally excellent hot Saturday Afternoon enjoyed by all (or at the very least, most) there's a LOT of photos and info coming up about the money raised for Kids with Cancer Society.  Thanks to all contributors, participants, sponsors, and everyone else who took part.  Below are the award results and photos. 

Super Chevy Show (w/ Pics)

Last week Dan Brennan, Brian Cherneske, Jim Kennedy Wade Sjostrom and Don Cornish took part in the first Canadian Super Chevy Show at the Castrol Raceway.