August 2013 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the August 7, 2013
Monthly Meeting of the Edmonton 5-6-7 Chevy Club
held at the premises of the Blackjack Café
located in Nisku, Alberta

1.      Call to Order
The Meeting was presided over by President, Roy Marko and was Called to Order at 7:20 p.m.

Present at the Meeting:
Roy Marko, President
Daymion Weiss V.P
Richard Wheatley, Secretary
Jim Kennedy Treasurer
Don Cornish
And 14 other members

The Minutes of last month’s meeting held on the first Wednesday of July were read by President Marko and a few of the items were discussed.  Announcement and reports were made as follows:

a)      The Summer Barbecue for the Club is on August 11, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. at Devon, Alberta.  It was announced that we need 4 extra prizes for the barbecue at Devon, which will have our annual 1/64 scale drag race.  Hamburgers and smokies plus beverage will be avail for paid members. However the 1/64 drag race has a $5.00 entry fee per person..

b)      Availability of Canopies – Jim Kennedy said that we needed 2 more canopies for the show n shine. Members were asked to bring theirs if they can

c)      Broadcast/Advertising News – Kellen Kennedy said he had arranged for some items for our Show and Shine, and to have the event advertised on radio. The Mall has arranged the advertising on the radio and paid for it, saving the club lots of $$$$$.

d)      Our Show and Shine will once again be at the Northgate Shopping Centre in Edmonton.  The total number of awards which will be given out to winners is presently at 24

e)     Northgate Mall – It was announced that the Northgate Mall will help with publicity for our Show and Shine.

f)      Show and Shine & other News – Jim announced that the Show and Shine will have vendors who will be selling automobile products, such as car polishes and waxes, etc.  Jim confirmed that the Super Chevy Show, which is produced by an organization in the U.S., will be having their Alberta Show on September 1st Labor Day long weekend and it will be held at the Castrol Raceway. Maybe we can have some members & their vehicles appear at this show…
g)       Blackjack Premises at Nisku – It was noted that we prefer to have our meetings (which are to be held in the Blackjack premises at Nisku from here on) on the second floor of the Blackjack premises. Having food brought up to the 2nd floor will be discussed with Clarence for next meeting..

h)      Liability Insurance – Jim announced that the insurance covering our club activities is due and it will, according to Jim, likely be more expensive that last years.  A Motion was made that we pay the necessary premium and the Motion was PASSED.  This covers our insurance for the year 2014.

i)      Flowers for Funeral – Jim Kennedy announced that former Club Member’s wife, Mrs. Joyce ( Horst)  Urbaniak, had passed away.  Jim said he arranged for flowers for her funeral.  

j)        Our Website – It was announced that our website attracted approximately 1,200 visits during the month of July.

1.      50/50 Prize
The 50/50 draw was won by Keith Garner.

2.      Meeting Adjourned
The Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes Recorded by:
Richard Wheatley, Secretary

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