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Don Cornish, Jim Kennedy and Daymion Weiss present "Double Nickels"

Jay & Bob Mageau`s 1957 Chevy Funnycar
Don Cornish's 1955 Chevy Bel-Air

Wade Sjostrom's 1957 Pro Mod Chevy
Ron Semeniuk's 1957 Chevy

Corey Kincai'ds 1955 Chevy Funnycar
Jay Mageau's 1957 Black Widow
Glen Trefeneko’s 1955 chevy
Warren Lee's 1955 210 Handyman Wagon

Bernie McIvor's 1957 Chevy 4 Door
Don Cornish's 1956 Chevy Project
Dougie Joliffe's 1955 Chevy
Brian Cherneski's 1957 Chevy Panel
Gene and Cheryl Boisvert's 1956 
Chevy Wagon
Jim Kennedy's 1955 Chevy (Photo credit - Lane Jensen)

Bill Werkman's 1955 Chevy Bel-Air

Mark Westmancoat's 1957 Bel-Air

Chris Lambrecht's 1957 Chevy Nomad

Ron Semeniuk's 1957 Chevy
Rod Gullison's 1957 Chevy
 Glen Kaminsky's 1955 Nomad
Ryan Hardie's Ride
Norm Messervey's 1956 Wagon
Mark Westmancoat's 1955 Delivery
Daymion Weiss' 1955 Chevy Wagon

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