CIBC Run for the Cure

The following comes in from Glen Trafanenko:

If I told you that breast cancer was the most common cancer affecting women over the age of 20 in Canada, I’m sure you’d be as shocked as I was. Startlingly, an estimated 67 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day! But thanks to funds raised by people like you, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation supports research, education, and awareness programs across Canada that have led to significant improvements in life-expectancy and long-term health. 
Please help me in supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure which I am going to participate in the run on October 5th in Red Deer in memory of my Auntie Vicky Trefanenko. 

Please donate money on behalf of me and the rest of our team from Strive Dance Academy in Red Deer. I have set my fundraising goal of $1,000 for myself and I am writing to ask for your support.
Your donation will help the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation continue funding break-through innovations and technologies, like engineering cancer-killing designer viruses and harnessing the power of the immune system or testing a safe and existing drug for a new use in breast cancer treatment. Every breakthrough in research brings us closer to our goal of a future without this disease.
And it all starts with your donation.
You can easily make a donation by visiting my personal page on the CIBC Run for the Cure website. Please see the "sponsor me" link below. All it takes is a donation of $20, $50, or $100 to help me reach my goal and help create a future without breast cancer.

Glen Trefanenko


Photos from Bow-Ties - The Janice Gallery

Huge thank you to Janice - the lovely pin-up model who took part in Bow-Ties last month by offering photos with the vehicles and helping guests get into the feel for the 50's.  Here you can find Janice's phenomenal photo-spread.

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Bow-Ties vs the World 2015 AWARD RESULTS

2015 Bowties vs the World Charity Show n Shine Results
*Photos coming Soon*
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Photos from Bow-Ties vs the World (All Vehicles)

Lots of pictures coming up from the spectacular event that took place last month at Northgate Centre - stay patient because there are literally a few hundred of them.

These photos are brought to you by Roy Marko and showcase all of the vehicles that took part.

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Meeting Minutes for September 2015

The Edmonton & Area 567 club September Meeting Minutes
Start @ 7 p.m 12 Members present

The August meeting Minutes were read & accepted by all present..
The treasurer’s Report was given & the account OK ….

The cheque donation to Kids with Cancer was passed and will be presented to them real soon.. All event costs are paid for & all sponsors have come through.

The discussion for the 2016 event was opened. What seems like the way we will go for next year is a 50/50 proceed donation split between Kids with Cancer and another Public Charity.. More discussions to follow on this concept.

The Pros & Cons on the Bowties vs the World Show N shine were discussed, with lots of good ideas brought forth.. One issue was the ballot “pails” & ballots themselves, it will be taken care of for 2016 event… Membership participation is the Key to making it a success… It was not there for this year!

The event T-shirts were a good sell but there are 37 left out of 100 produced.. If anyone wants one, contact Jim.. They sell @ $20.00 each.

We will have a spot at the Swap meet in Red Deer on Oct.10th. We will sell Event T-shirts & see how the response is on our New Club Shirts , as we will offer some to the General public. Their cost is $20.00 each.. Nice T-shirts !1 Contact Jim if you want one.

The club calendar topic was brought forward & a motion from all was to go with the idea.. The club will cover the cost of 100 “Poster type” calendars featuring some members' “rides” and the Sponsors & Supporters of our past event listed on the calendar.. We need to set up a Photo day for this calendar ASAP. Stay Tuned!!!

Don C. suggested that the club cover Jim’s costs  for all that he has done for the past few months, what with setting up this year’s event & other club activities.. Jim was really “taken away” by this and only said to the present members that their motive was too nice/ too much, But only accepted to take a partial and only after further discussion with the members present.

Back to the event we had 168 Paid entries and if more came in, the room for them was Questionable.. There was an issue with one store owner but it was taken care of.. Possible new ( larger) location for next year to be looked at but event exposure & general public access is key.. Plus members' assistance !!

***The club requires a large number of members and their vehicles for September 12 at the hangar on Kingsway, The Edmonton Motors Folks are celebrating their 90th anniversary & have invited us to be there.. The Hours are 1 -5 pm.. We have 5 committed, But need a few more.. Require a couple of 56 & 57’s for sure.. Contact Jim , he needs to provide the Edmonton Motor group with a “head count”.. A e-mail will be sent to all members about this event.. They have donated close to $350.00 in “swag” for our past event, WE should patronize these Guys!!! They are interested in being a sponsor for next year too…

The Website had over 4000 “hits” in August, August 30th had over 1500, possible to see the results for the Aug.29 the event but Jim had not completed them so they can be entered onto the site.. They are NOW!!

The Entrants cash draw was not made on Saturday, so we had it at tonight's meeting, Mr. Brian Pullishy was the cash draw winner.. A cheque will be mailed to him ASAP! The value is $168.00 , CONGRATS !!!

Keith G. has suggested and this was accepted by all present to remove the Pictures off the member’s site, of those who have not renwed their memberships .. To be done as soon as our Web “guru” can do it..

The 50/50 winner was Dougie J and Armand L. won a “MATCO Tools” coffee Mug & Bernie M. won a Meguires car care Kit..
Next meeting , October 7th,2015 at 7 p.m. The Airways Inn ( Drillers Lounge)

Meeting Minutes for August 2015

The Edmonton And Area 567 Club August Minutes
Meeting Started @ 7:10 p.m 8 Members present

Minutes read by Club Prez from July meeting.. & Accepted by all..
Treasurers report was given & Accepted..

Roy to visit with Al Sweet to receive the sponsorship Money for our event in August, this involves 3 parties that Al had got for us...

T-shirt artwork presents a problem.. Will be resolved by Jim ASAP..

Event T-shirts will be at the Show n shine for $20.00 each..

Pre Event BBQ @ Jim & Linda’s place on Aug.26th.

Insurance increase and cost, but little effect on us..

Possible change to charity that benefits from us, more discussion at the next couple of meetings.

No report given on our website.

Club Calendars were discussed and carried over to Sept. Meeting
EPS to provide the 1957 Panel ( former Bomb squad Truck) at the Event.

Meeting was short and sweet, due to many members on vacation..
Meeting ended at 8 p.m and No 50/50 draw was declared..
Next General meeting on Sept.2nd @ the Airways Inn, Nisku AB.

2023 BowTies Vs the World

  August 26  @ NAPA AUTO PARTS  173 Street/111 Ave     Contact Jim @ 780-721-5553