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October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Enclosed are the public meeting minutes, so you're prepared for the November meeting.

Minutes of the October 2,2013  Monthly Meeting of the                   Edmonton & Area 567 Club @ BlackJack’s Roadhouse
1.Call to order – at 7:08 p.m with 13 members present. The minutes from the September meeting were read & accepted by all in attendance.. 3.Kids with Cancer Donation – The sum of $1500.00 was presented to the people at the Kids with cancer office by our Prez. Roy & was Greatly Appreciated by the Society  Roy got a quick tour of the operation & office of this group & passed on their Thank-you’s for our donation… Maybe a club tour will be in the “cards” in the future.. 4.Quick times Swap meet- We will not be at the Oct.12 swap meet, as we have been there for the past number of years. Jim & Don have other commitments and no other club members are able to go in their place.. 5.Club BBQ- The date has been secured and the facility has been too.. The date for our …

Open Position

To all members and interested parties - the club is looking for a new Secretary. If interested, please contact us via EMAIL inquiring about tasks and responsibilities. With that said, we thank Richard Wheatley for all of his contributions and the excellent work he did as the clubs incumbant secretary.