Minutes September 2022

   The Edmonton & Area 567 Club September 7, 2022 Minutes
                                                                                             start time 7:05 p.m    end 8:20 p.m    13 members present

    Open the meeting with August minutes reviewed with those present & minutes were accepted by all present.
     Treasurer's report was given & all is ok with our Account, All members present accepted the report..

    There are some current changes to our executive, till elections are held January..
     Please welcome Armand L. as our new club secretary & the club V.P position is " up in the air " so to speak, discussion on this topic will be held at the October meeting..

     The members also discussed the areas of donation to various groups and what we could donate, due to "drop" in award classes/sponsors and the low car count at our event.
     We have more or less approved that 4 groups would receive no less than $500.00 from us, they are Be Brave Ranch, Edmonton Autism group, Win House and Boys & Girls club of Edmonton.

     For the 1st time since we had presented this event,( that is 20yrs presenting this event) the club account was used to cover some areas, the sum of $640.00 was required...
     There are NO outstanding bills to cover to date.

     The club will be at the RED DEER Swap meet in October, representing our group and promoting the club..
     A get well card was sent to Dean Yardley ( fellow member ), who had a very serious incident, Speedy Recovery Dean !!!!!

     As was noted before the August event, Jim is "stepping away" from the total organization of "Bowties vs the World.. He has been organizing this event since it started in 2000 but will assist whoever in                           getting the needed sponsors for our classes in the future..

   Some brief discussion on Winter activities for our group were "passed around" but nothing set... It is time to put our "babies" away for the winter and some ideas on how to store them was discussed..

  A couple of items to be discussed also at the October meeting is Ballots for the " Bernie McIvor " ( this is presented yearly to a member that displays the same passion that Bernie displayed for our club),
 Ballots will be handed out at the October meeting and the result will be made secretly in November so that we can get the award completed for the Annual Christmas gathering... Speaking of the Christmas gathering, the group has to decide when and where to have it.. Discussions are slated for the October meeting...

 September events :
 Sept. 17 - Dovercourt Community hall S/S
  Sept. 11 - Refinery Grill S/S
 Sept. 24 - Stoney Plain Swap meet

 Parts Needed & Cars Wanted/ For Sale

Gene L. looking for a 1957 Chevy Wagon ( ph. 780- 289-1955/780-416-0039 )
Don C. Looking for a 1956 Chevy Hood bar in decent shape ( ph. 780-720-1696 )
Ralph  Looking for a Disc Brake set-up ( ph. 780-405-5151 )
Glen Kaminsky For Sale 1955 Nomad  complete ( Ph. 780-476-6464 )
Jim is seeking a Chrome Hood Latch base for a 1955/1956 Chevy ( Ph. 780-473-4559 )

Thank-you everyone and remember next meeting on October 5 at National RV ( up Stairs ) @ 7 p.m

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2023 BowTies Vs the World

  August 26  @ NAPA AUTO PARTS  173 Street/111 Ave     Contact Jim @ 780-721-5553