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Upcoming Events for September 2015

Every month we'll feature a post showcasing events in the Edmonton & Area for enthusiasts to take part in.  Below are upcoming events for September.

Sep 6 Round Hill Ag Society Harvest S/S  Round Hill AB   Allen   780-672-6104
Sep 6 5th Fall Breakfast Show & Shine  Gull Lake AB   Barry   403-304-8026
Sep 12/14 Toy Rod Run & Picnic  Edmonton AB   Lionel   780-453-2921
Sep 12 Beulah Alliance Church 9th S&S  Edmonton AB   Gerald   780-990-5850
Sep 12 Northern Gateway Motorcycle S&S  Slave Lake AB   Les   780-849-9102
Sep 12 Route 88 Rods & Customs Show & Shine  Slave Lake AB   Open   780-849-2033
Sep 12 Fallis Fall Show & Shine  Fallis AB   Yvonne   780-797-3088
Sep 12 Barrhead Chariots 4th Show & Shine  Barrhead AB   Charles   780-674-3353
Sep 12 AIIPC-EC 6th All Pontiac S&S  Edmonton AB   Shawn   780-717-3866
Sep 13 Grace Point Show & Shine  Edmonton AB   Guy   780-489-677
Sep 13 Reach Up for Crystal Kids S/S  Edmonton AB   Bryan   780-98…