March/ April Minutes

The March 3 meeting was an executive only meeting held had Norm’s new “digs”.

There was a discussion on how the Covid-19 virus was affecting our group.. if you remember during the 2020 season the Car Club was recording attendance at our monthly meetings and scoring was made on such things as member attendance, bringing their “ride” out to meetings and general participation at club events... After all the “recording” the winner was Roy M., who narrowing beat Jim K. at the end.. A gas card on behalf of the club will be presented to Roy for his prize... I was decided to have a special award to be given out to a club member on behalf of fellow member, Bernie McIvor (Dubbed the Edmonton & Area member of distinction award), a panel of 3 will decide who receives this and NO executive will be on the panel. We are looking for 3 members to serve on the panel, please let Jim know if you would like to be part of this.. This is a special club award in Bernie’s memory and will be presented towards the end of the year by either Karen McIvor or one of Bernie’s children..  The executive has planned a April social and cruise to the 149 St A & W for the April 7 meeting.. Wade will contact the members on his list via e-mail on the plans... 

The club account is good but could be better so PLEASE renew your membership ASAP to help with club operations...



The April meeting – A total of 16 members participated in the April 7  cruise to the 149 St A & W.

The idea was well received by all who came out.. It started at Norm’s shop at approx.. 7 p.m and proceeded to the “DUB”.. Jim K. missed this social due to family commitments in B.C and did not get back in town in time... If the current Covid protocols by AHS are still in place for the May 5 meeting, we will plan another cruise/social.. Wade will contact via e-mail all the members on his list.. The Quick Times Swap meet has been rescheduled for June 12, due to Covid issues.. This will be a outdoor event from  8 a.m till 2 p.m.. If you have any questions, please contact Don MacGowan at Quick Times to address them.. The club will be there again as usual.. Hopefully all this Covid crap will be over soon and we can resume our ways...

As was noted in the March notes, we require members to renew their memberships ASAP, PLEASE !!

Be safe & stay healthy

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