Meeting Minutes for February 2017


Members-12 present                                 1 visitor with a presentation
Meeting start : 7:05 P.M             2nd floor @ Black Jack’s Roadhouse

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January meeting’s minutes read by the Prez. Roy M. & all accepted by those present.

The Club Treasurer’s report was given by Jim K. Nothing new to report, all is well.

Guest Presentation was given by Mr. John Kramer, owner of Devon Dyno Ltd. It is a trailer-mounted dyno machine that rates up to 1800 H.P, the fee is $125.00 and he will give the customer 3 “pulls” on the machine with the customer’s vehicle. Each “pull” will produce a print-out so that the customer & John can go over the run/results that were made. He offers a special group rate of 10 or more @ $100.00 for 3 “pulls”. John plans to be at the Swap meet in April with the set-up & to discuss your needs. John also has joined the Club, Welcome John !

New Business:
A brief discussion on the upcoming World of Wheels car show on March 3-5. Two members to have their “rides” on display under the NAPA Auto Parts banner. They are Chris Lambrecht & his 1957 Nomad, along with Jim Kennedy’s 1955 210. The club display idea for this show was dropped. Hence, two members got involved with NAPA.

The club will be at the Quick-times swap meet on March 25 & at the Capitol Region swap meet on April 1st. The Car club is presenting the 1st Annual Charity Swap Meet on April 15 @ Sherwood Park. More discussion at the March 1st meeting. All the info is on our Club’s website, along with the Registration Form. The advertising for the Swap meet has begun with ads in Quicktimes for 2 months & the 2017 Cruise Calendar as well. Flyers & posters to be distributed as well. There is lots of interest in this event & the place that it is at is “top notch”. It has over 900 FREE parking stalls & numerous amenities.

The 2017 Bowties vs the World Show n Shine
Reminder that the event is slated for August 26 @ the Fort Road Canadian Tire store. There is a change in classes with one class “deleted” & one class added plus a new classification to another.
Here are the changes, “Deleted” is Best of Modern car and add the following - Best of the 80’s ( 1st & 2nd) & Best Rat Rod ( 1st & 2nd). There is a sponsor interested in the Rat Rod award. That gives us 10 classes with 1st & 2nd placings & 1 class with 3 – single placings, there are 6 single classes also for a total of 17 classes at this year’s event. Contact Jim for a complete list of all the classes & the awards. The Ballot pails will be numbered to erase any confusion that last year’s event had, the ballot pails had the classes on them but people had a issue that the pails were not on numerical order, to match the ballot sheets provided. Seeking event/class sponsors to begin soon. Award sponsors' cost still the same as it has been for years, Thanks to the Prath Trophy folks.

There was a lengthy discussion on a up & coming Car Group that has adopted a good portion of our Event Title & this year’s date. The members in general supported the concern that a good portion of our event title was being used by them, Thus causing the possibility of “confusing” the area car “groupies” on our long time event & theirs. The Executive will meet & discuss this title issue with their group leaders ASAP…

Club website:
January had close to 1500 visitors & the most viewed was Kellen K’s drag race features that he produces. The present members voted in favor to keep Kellen’s drag race features on the website & also a new feature to be added is the “Member of the Month”. Each month one member will be featured with a story on his “ride”. This should start as early April.. Since the new rejuvenated website has been going, there has been over 80,000 visitors to the site.

The meeting ended @ 9:10 PM          Recorded by: Bernie M.     February’s Meeting’s 50/50 results are: Norm M. won the Cash, Doug J. won a t-shirt & Bernie M. won a mug.

Next meeting is March 1st @ 7 p.m  at Black Jack’s Roadhouse
PLEASE NOTE: All in present at the March meeting will have chance    to win tickets to the March 3-5 World of Wheels Car Show !!!!

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