Major Proposal for 567 Club Members

To all members!

At the November 2 Club Monthly Meeting - a proposal was brought forward to the club.  We have been asked to assist in the operation of a Spring Indoor Swap meet (date TBA). We are the first car club asked to help out and the opportunity to benefit from the exposure of this event for us & make some $$$ for the club & any charities of our choice is very good!

The areas of publicity and staffing would be our task. The staffing involves gate admission cashiers, set-up & clean up  volunteers, over night security & floor staff the day of the meet.

A total of 12 –14 volunteers are needed, so far there are 6-7 that have committed to be on board (50 %). I have been asked to recruit or to see if there is enough interest from the members to support and COMMIT to this idea... The Club needs your response!

The deadline is December 7, 2016 for your response. WE need total commitment for those who sign up on the list. Please reply to Jim K at jskennedy@shaw.ca .

The organizer for this concept has been in the automotive scene for many years and feels the time is right to have this type of event in the city and wants a local car club to assist.
Yours Truly
Jim Kennedy

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