Edmonton & Area Club Mini Grand Prix (2012)

On March 7, 2012, after the usual monthly meeting, several members of the Edmonton & Area 567 club opted to cruise over to Speedster's Go Karts for an impromptu (and inaugral) Edmonton & Area 567 Club Mini Grand Prix Night.

8 members, as well as two guests, showed up and competed in a 14 lap qualifier race, followed by a 14 "hot lap final".  Once all was said and done, after the joy of screeching tires, aggressive driving, paint exchanging and bumper tag - winners were decided.  Congratulations to the stiff competition.

1st Place - Andrew "Slowpoke" Cornish
2nd Place - Mike "Rusty Nuts" Pettigrew
3rd Place - "Greasy D" Daymion Weiss

The most important thing to take from this evening, is that the point is simple - HAVE FUN.

Below are pictures taken at the event.  Stay tuned for updates on when future Grand Prix events will be held. Special thanks to Lori Reykdal, Laurie Cornish and Linda Kennedy for the great shots.

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