October Minutes 2022

  The Edmonton & Area 567 October 5/2022 monthly meeting minutes
                                                                                                            start 7:10 pm   14 members present    end 8:20 pm


                                     The minutes from the Sept. meeting were reviewed and accepted by all members present.
                                     The treasurer's report was given & all ok in the account, just waiting for the 4 donations to be cashed in, all members present accepted the report.

                                       We also welcomed a new member, Mr. Philip Hancock, welcome aboard !!!!!!
                                       Hopefully we have our "babies" put away for the long winter months or have some projects to work on....... If you need new parts, speak to Norm...
                                       There are Certificates of Appreciation made to be given to all our 2022 Show n Shine sponsors, they will be presented to all Sponsors very soon..

                                      The swap meet in Red Deer was (Oct.8) was good for us, we sold some club swag and met some interesting people.. Lots of Chevy talk...  
                                      The four groups announced at the Sept. meeting to receive our donation of $500.00 each, they are the Be Brave Ranch, Boys & Girls club of Edmonton,
                                       Edmonton Autism Society and the Win House..

                                       There will be further discussion on the Annual Club Christmas Function at the November meeting ( it looks like a "potluck" style supper ) & some ideas brought forward on winter activities..
                                        Starting in January we will have monthly a Social at our meeting place, same as last winter.. Play Pool, drink beer, play shuffle board, drink beer, etc. T.B.A
                                        Norm to arrange a shop tour at "Farleys" auto repair and Dyno, for the new year... T.B.A

                                        The ballots for the Annual " Bernie McIvor " memorial award were given out, if you did not receive one, they will be given out at the November meeting,
                                         the deadline to receive a ballot and return it is at the November meeting as it was noted in the Sept. minutes.. This will give the production company time to produce the award                                                                               in time for our December meeting and for its presentation.. Just to remind everyone what the award is all about, it is given to a club member that displays the many                                                                                               attributes that Bernie had displayed.. His support, the many duties when approached and the help that he provided in making our group better.....

                                       For Sale and Parts required

                                      Gene L looking for '57 Chevy Wagon
                                       Don is searching for a good quality hood bar for '56 Chevy
                                       Ralph searching for a disc. brake set-up
                                       Glen Kaminsky has his '55 Nomad For Sale
                                        You can contact these members thru the club....

                                     NEXT MEETING DECEMBER  7th @ 6:30 OR 7 P.M  ( Our CHRISTMAS GATHERING)
                                                                                           SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CAR CLUB

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