August Minutes

567 Club

Edmonton, AB Month of Aug 5, 2020 - Commencing at 7:10

At National RV Siding (144482 – 124 Ave)

New Members

Kriggi Solverson, has a ’57, 210 car. Welcome and intros all around.

Last month minutes

July meeting read by Wade and passed by Members in attendance.

Old Business

Jim and Don are signing authorities on account. Looking to add both Norm and Roy. Still issues with getting everyone together for an appointment at bank but should happen soon.

Tri-Five and Muscle having outdoor swap meet August 29.

New Business

Rocking August in St. Albert is on this week to Sunday morning.

Roy has an idea for another tour, Legends. Roy will work on details and Wade can email Members for follow up on participation.

Guest speaker Norm, Laser blasting, invited by Norm.

Year off on Calendars – not at shows or swaps so taking a year off until more info about covid

Happy Birthday Jim Kenedy
Event Suggestions (Are you willing to Champion/Organize an event?) Garage tours – Please let us know if you want to host at your garage. For SALE
Cory looking for Ls 5.3 and 6 Litre cores, contact Don Cornish

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Craig Shepherd has a ’57 split bench front seat for sale, $800

Wade has complete set of doors from ’55 four door Bel Air for sale, $400

Sandy has ’59 Chev truck cab for sale, $500

Sandy has set ‘55-59 truck doors, $400 for the pair

Roy has 350 sbc 4 bolt main vortec heads, $500

Brian has 1957 rad supports (one for a 6 one for a V8) for car $100

Jim has rear glass available for $75.

’49 Merch coupe for sale. Asking between $10 and $15 depending on how much goes with. Please call Randy

Sandy has a ’55 rear end, small block coil springs, please call 2006 Chev Aveo car for sale, $3500 please call Shawn
Various ’56 parts, please call Randy Roy has posi rear 456 gears Jim has 2 @ Mickey Thompson race slick

Don will be at swap meet

Norm will be at swap meet

Sandy has 2 @15X8.5 and 2 @ 15X3.5 center lines with caps $500


Doug wants a bbc intake and manifold, please call

Brian looking for 5”X15” Corvette rally wheel

Roy looking for Pontiac bumpers, chrome front and back, want better than I have.

Murray Holden of Brandon, Manitoba contacted Jim and is looking for power steering for ‘57 six cylinder. Please contact Jim if you can assist Murray.

Bentley is looking for frame to build outriggers. Wade is looking for ’55 front seat split benchAdjournment 7:57 PM

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Next Months meeting will be held at National RV Siding (14448 – 124 Ave). The New West Hotel renovation completion date still unknown.

Members who have a suggestion for meeting location please share with group at next meeting. Thank you Norm for hosting and thanks to all that attended.

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