October Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club October meeting minutes  
    Start @ 7 p.m  New West hotel Conference room     
17 members present

The meeting started with Interm prez. Jim K. reviewing the Sept. minutes & all members present accepted as read..
The Treasurer’s report was given, as was the case in Sept. the club account is Great!. The cost factors of our show n shine were presented & we came thru really good.. The breakdown on the costs was presented & all present accepted the report as given..
The donations of $1100.00 each were decided by the members and the following groups will receive the $$$$.. They are the Win House, Be Brave Ranch & Audism Edmonton.. Plus all of our expenses were taken care of & we are in the “Black”.
Bowties vs the World:
20th year of our event and it is on August 29 at the NAPA facility, 17310-111-Ave. Open to all makes!! The club is to make this a GOOD ONE !!!
Club Calendar:
Photo shoot was taken on Sept.8 as reported at Dawson’s Motors.. At first it was decided that 1000 calendars would be produced.. BUT due to the lack of sponsors for this project, the number was reduced to 500 calendars and the cost per month was dropped to $300.00 per sponsor.. The calendars sell for $10.00 each and according to some members, there is a lot of interest to purchase this calendar. They are a 14 month calendar with a mixture of pin-up style photos and just the vehicle alone.. All $$$ raised are going to various Kid’s groups in Edmonton.
Edmonton Civic retirees Mini car show occurred on Sept.27 and was briefly discussed by all present.. Only a couple of our members showed up (due to inclement weather) & the ESRA had close to 10 members appear. A nine course meal was offered to all that attended..
Swap meet info:
The club attended the Capital region Swap meet in Stony Plain,this occurred on Sept.27.. The turn out for shoppers was that ok & the club table was busy..
The Quicktimes Swap Meet in Red Deer was held on Oct.12 & the turn out there was great in the morning but slow in the afternoon.. Our Club table had it’s good moments in the morning (as to interest in our club) but like everyone else there, the afternoon was not that great..
The SVAA had their fall meeting in Red Deer during the Swap meet & Jim K. represented our club.. One thing that really stood out was the topic of “old” tires used on collector vehicles. It has been heavily suggested that if you have tires on your “ride” that are old, maybe it is time to replace them. So that you may not experience a mishap with the old rubber.. Several cases were noted.. One most recently involving a ’63 split window corvette & one of his rear tires blowing out causing it to Flip at the speed it was travelling on his way to Radium S/S..
Our Spring Swap Meet is a GO, as the membership decided to continue our efforts, it is slated for the Easter week-end, April 10-11 at Millenium Place in Sherwood Park..  More info on this at the January meeting due to our December’s meeting is our annual Christmas gathering & we just eat and be merry for that night..
As was the case, the club is still searching for a monthly meeting recorder..It is a easy job, Bernie did a terrific job when he was our guy but now we have to search for his replacement.
The annual Christmas gathering will be discussed at the November meeting and a final decision will be made by all present as to where it will be.. There is a number of members with some ideas and they all will be presented at the November meeting. 
Parts for sale:
Norm M. still looking for a Tri-five body for his stock car or mud racer project.
Jim K. has a rear window for a ’55 or ’56 sedan (CHEAP!!) plus a couple of pair of  BBC stock Height Valve covers. One set is painted in Black for $80.00 pr. and a new set (never mounted) Chrome Edelbrocks with K&N breather for $100.00..
October 50/50 winners:
Norm M. won the cash, Doug J. won a NAPA gift mug & Gene L. won a GM high performance catalogue.
Meeting ended at 8:10 pm
Next meeting on Nov. 6 @ the New West Hotel conference room @ 7 pm.. 

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