January 2018 Meeting Minutes

                       The Edmonton & Area 567 Club Monthly meeting 

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               p.m on January 3 @ the New West hotel banquet room 
                                            11 members present  

Meeting was chaired by Jim K. as Roy M. was not present and Shawn G. arrived late. There were no previous minutes from December, due to the club’s annual Christmas function held on the December meeting date. Previous minutes from October were read (as the November meeting was cancelled due to inclimate weather). The minutes were accepted by all present.. This is our first meeting at the new venue. We welcome a new member, Mr. Richard St. Martin who owns a 1957 4 door Chevy.

The Club treasurers report was given and all is well in our account. 

Old Business 
A BIG thank-you was given to Norm & Zoe Messervey for having our 1st ever potluck Christmas supper at their house.. Everyone who attended the evening was well taken care of.. Hats off to all members that attended too. Norm provided those in attendance with a special ``567 club`` hitch plate, that he had made.

Thank-you letters and Christmas cards were sent out to all our Show n Shine sponsors from this past summer’s event.

The move to our new spot was deemed successful, it is nice & quiet, the food is very good and lots of room.. The club is hoping with this venue change that MORE members will attend the meetings, as it is now within the city. The February meeting will be held here again. Please note: this is Temp/monthly location for us & we still searching for a permanent spot for our group..  Norm has noted that his business’s meeting room could be used at a last resort but the food availability is an issue.


The Swap Meet for the club is slated for June 9/2018 in Sherwood Park, AB & flyers will be sent out to all vendors that were there last year plus the advertising to start in the end of  February. The fees are to stay the same but some slight changes are to be added

Bowties vs the World Show n Shine is on August 25/2018. There may be a venue change, due to the fact that Canadian Tire is no longer there & their new site is not too appealing to hold a show n shine, please stay tuned. Plans for this event to start soon. 

The club’s website operator transfer is still ongoing. Roy & Rebecca to take over the “reins” from Kellen soon. As for the member’s contact info, the club directory has to have ALL members update their e-mail addresses & phone numbers ASAP !

Please your update your info to Jim or Norm, OR better yet come out & see the boys at our next meeting.

Besides our club’s website, it has been noted that the club is also on Facebook. 

New Business 

Jim K. has been approached by the “World of Wheels” promoter to have a club display at this year’s showThe date is March 2-4/2018. The area that we can have is 40ft X 40ft, this is the right size to accommodate 4-6 vehicles and get our club exposure out too. So far as of this print only two members have expressed interest on this. Jim to ask other members if they would be interested and report at the Feb. meeting. Discussion on a display was held. A complete Final decision to be discussed at the upcoming Feb. Meeting (note: time is the issue). If you want to go on your own, the reg. fee is about $52.00 per entry, you can contact B.Knecht@worldofwheels.com for all your info.

Jim has interest from a lady (50’s type model) who will provide her services in the spring or summer, for a Car club or a member’s photo shoot. The image would be a “Car Hop on/with roller skates” ( just like most of us remember) at a local burger spot. This may turn into a 2019 calendar shoot as well. Jim is looking for 11- 12 vehicles to participate in this idea. It may cost $25-30.00 per vehicle (modelling fee).The club to cover some of the costs as well.. If you are interested in this, please contact Jim.He is working on this idea as of this print. You Must be a updated paid member to participate!!!! 

Meeting close at 8:30 p.m 
50/50 draw Winners 
Cash won by Clayton S.
Shop banner won by Gene L. 
Ball cap won by Norm M. 

Next meeting is on February 7, 2018 at the New West hotel Banquet room,7 p.m 

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