June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Just in time for this weeks meeting, here are last months minutes! -KK-

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               The Edmonton & Area 567 Club Monthly meeting for June

                    Start @ 7:20 p.m                       17 members present 

WELCOME  new member- Mr. Mike Kirby !!

The reading by Club Prez. Roy. M. of the May minutes was completed & all present accepted the reading.

The club treasurer’s report was given & all money in our account is Ok. All present accepted the report as read.

Swap Meet Report

After Roy’s & Jim’s meeting with the manager @ Millennium Place, our 2nd Annual Swap meet is a GO. The date is April 28/2018 and all previous plans will be in effect with some minor changes to some of them. Further discussion to be done with all members as the date draws near.

Bowties vs the World  August 26/2017.

At this meeting time we are short 3 sponsors for the August event. (As of this print we are totally covered, All awards are sponsored). The car ramp that we used last summer will have to be re-designed to work with the Low rider type of vehicle. John @ Devon Dyno may have something that we can use. The BBQ will again be operated by the Kilkenny Scout group. Shawn to arrange rental of port a potties for the event. WE NEED DOOR PRIZES ! Anyone that can help us with this please contact Jim. Up to five children’s charities will benefit for our event, a decision on which groups to work with will be made at next meeting (July). Hours of the show are 9 a.m – 4 p.m (9-noon for registration, Noon till 3 the show & awards handed out between 3-4 p.m) & this change was accepted by all present. All Promos and awards to be completed soon.

Membership report 

Don C. advises that at this time approx. 8 members have not reinstated their memberships for the 2017 year. Please renew ASAP please. Please Support your Car Club !

For Sale by a former member 

Former member Richard Wheatley has his 4 door 1955 Chevy for sale, if you are interested contact his son @ 587-336-9939 & ask for Matthew. It is a Nice car!
Club Website Report

Jim & Kellen will operate the club’s website in the interim until end of October 2017. A new website “guru” and or service that will maintain this sites upkeep is being searched. Kellen will be at the July meeting to elaborate and speak more about the subject.  Anyone interested please see Roy or Jim. 

50/50 draw

Cash won by Gordie Thorburn        
Ball cap & cleaner won by Jim K.
Metal garage sign won by Norm M.

Meeting ended @ 8:10 p.m  &  recorded by Bernie M.

Next meeting is July 5th @ 7 p.m @ Black Jack’s Roadhouse, Nisku Alberta.

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2023 BowTies Vs the World

  August 26  @ NAPA AUTO PARTS  173 Street/111 Ave     Contact Jim @ 780-721-5553