Meeting Minutes for May 2017

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club May General meeting Minutes.

At Blackjack’s Roadhouse 7 P.M 14 members present

A review of the previous month’s (April) meeting was conducted by Club Prez’ Roy M. & was accepted by those present. The Treasurer’s report was given & the account is in very good standing. Accepted by all present.

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The 1st attempt of the club’s Swap Meet held on April 15/2017 was a BIG success, we had 71 vendors (98% Capacity & 920 paid shoppers @ 3 p.m) and made enough money to cover our rent and leave enough for our Charity fund, that we will add that amount to the Summer’s Show n Shine fund, then disperse the final total amount to our charities of choice. Plans for our 2nd Swap Meet are in the works. It will be in April/ 2018. Some minor issues have arose & that was expected, and discussions with the Millennium management have begun. We will keep you informed as things develop. A roundtable was then conducted by all members & it was very productive/positive by all members present. Member assistance was good during set-up.

Bowties vs The World Show N Shine Info

The sponsors as of this time have responded ( 5 of 16), Jim is working on getting some others back or having some new sponsors on board.. The next few weeks will be busy.. The Kilkenny Cub & Scout troop will be back to operate the BBQ with the proceeds going to assist their costs for travelling to the Jamboree. As was spoken before, the venue again is the Canadian Tire location on Fort Road/132 Ave. Jim to check into the Jumpstart  program that Canadian Tire has going to see if they can benefit from our event along with the other charities.. The members are reminded to help seek sponsors for this event as some have not responded & their awards that they have had in the past must be filled. The ramp that was used last year to move entries onto the grassy area has to have the slope improved. Improved Event advertising is also noted & is a topic to improve on. There is more info to come @ the June meeting.

New Business - A new “Website Guru” is needed, the fella that we have had for the past few years has moved on and we are currently seeking a new guru. In the interim, Jim K & Kellen have taken the website production over ( just till we find a new website guru") hopefully!!

The question on membership renewal was brought forward, there seems to be a few current members that still have NOT paid their 2017 membership dues, a list of those to be presented to the Prez @ the June meeting. Please Pay your dues!!

May 13- at Bev Facey High School in Sherwood Park is a S/S & a request by the organizers to have a Edmonton 567 Club present was asked..

50/50 draw

Cash – Armand L.
Chevy License plate frame – Jim K.
NAPA Ball Cap – Gene B.

Meeting ended @ 8:10 p.m Next Meeting- June 6 @ 7 p.m Black Jack’s Roadhouse
Meeting recorded by Bernie M.

Minutes Transcribed by Jim K.

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