Meeting Minutes for May 2016

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club May Meeting
May 4/106 @ the Airways Inn Start-7pm 12 members

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April meeting Minutes read by Roy M. & accepted.

The Treasurer’s report was given & Club balance is good, there were NO disbursements in April. Report was accepted by all Present.

Damion W. has stepped down as V.P due to personal reasons & our New V.P is Shawn G. as voted by the present members and accepted by him.

Welcome aboard Shawn !! Welcome back, Davey Copeland also!!!

The club’s website received 1284 visits in April.

The Shop Tour to Reynolds Museum was discussed and a final date was decided, May 14 is the date @ 10 a.m start.. The club will pay for any Present Paid member & their guests will pay their own ($13.00 pp).. This unique tour includes a “behind the scenes” of the Restoration shop !

Bowties vs the World Update:
The costs of the Port-a-pottie rental to be presented at the may’s meeting. Canadian tire has “donated” 15 ballots buckets for the event..We require a used gas pump handle for our “long Distance” award for this year ( our past supplier has withdrawn his support). If you can find one for us, contact Jim ( The supplier will have his company posted on the website for a year). If we get “lucky” and receive more than one, they will be used in the upcoming show n shines… A meeting is slated for May 25th, with the folks @ Canadian Tire to “touch Up’ a few things, Jim & Roy to be there.. The Event Poster & Flyers maybe ready for the May meeting, depends if all the awards are taken care of.. Ballots sheets to be printed as well & hopefully ready… Jim would like to have ALL sponsors on Board so he can get the awards produced before the trophy people go on Holidays & to have the event posters listing ALL the parties as Sponsors plus our Supporters… WE do still need numerous door prizes & a couple of real good items for the Silent Auction Table.. Contact Jim if you can help out, Please… The issue about “refuse Containers” has been addressed & Shawn will oversee this area.. There has been lots of interest about this Show N Shine & the move to the Canadian Tire Store on Fort Road from Northgate Centre has been very Positive by those who have been supporting us for years.

New Business:
Shawn has reported that a Pub near NAIT wants to organize a Show n shine or a Cruise nite.. This was passed over to Jim to handle.. He will discuss the topic with the Pub’s manage team and report the info at the May meeting..

Our website “guru” wants to list all show n shines on our website so our members know whats goin’ on.. Just like he did last year… He will contact the Northwest cruise people for the “info” needed.

The Burger spot at 125Street/118 Ave is a great location for a club photo shoot. They still have a 50’s style overhang over the stalls. If you are interested contact Jim and he will set it up ( we need 6 or more “rides” to make it worthwhile for everyone).

Graham at Cougar Paint and Collision was lookin’ for a 1955 2 dr. Sedan Roof for a customer. That may have been takin’ care of already. 50/50 Winners - Shawn G. took the cash, Bernie M won Tire shine donation kit & last but not least Dave G. won the “collectors” 1956 Tri-5 t-shirt.

Minutes were recorded by Bernie M.
Meeting closed @ 8:05 pm Next meeting May 4/2016 @ 7.pm

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