Meeting Minutes for April 2015

The Edmonton & area 567 club April meeting minutes

April 1st @ the Airways motor Inn   7:15p.m with 8 members present

Opening minutes of the march meeting was read buy Roy M & was accepted by all members present

Treasures report was given and accepted by members

We discussed the Red deer March swap meet, and how it went. got positive feedback. We also talked about the upcoming draton vally swap meet that the club is attending; we talked about a first annual capital region swap meet in stony plain, also in April. We talked about how it’s a core group doing the events, if we wanted to do the stony plain meet, someone else in the club would have to make the effort to go. No one in attendance volunteered so we may not attend the stony plain swap meet.

We talked about how the presentation with Roger Silcox (Amsiol Rep). club members that attended felt it was informative, we thought that 12 members was a low turnout for such good information. Was brought to attention by Don C, that we only have 19 paid members so far for 2015 so not to bad all things considered noted that there are more members to come.  

We also have an account with Amsiol sponsored by Roger Silcox to buy the product at 20% of retail cost. We will have the account info for the may meeting.

Roy M, had said he has not herd anything about the indoor car @ the Expo center show we attended last year.

Some info on porta-potties, kids with cancer tour, and KMS tools sponsorship to be brought to the meeting by Jim K. Jim K was not at the meeting so the info will be brought to the May meeting.
Don C, had brought info that Blitz Krieg Kustoms, 6107-46st Leduc, is willing to have us for a shop tour. It was decided by the members that we will have it on the Saturday May 9th after our May 6th meeting also the club will supply food. Don C, will confirm at the may meeting.

Roy M still has to see the Shelby shop tour. Will update at May meeting

Brian C had brought up the idea of 60th anniversary t-shirts for 1955. he has lots of ideas, so we as a membership voted that Brian C, to look in to pricing on art and shirts. He should have a full report for us at the May meeting. Thank you Brian for stepping up

Jean B, had brought up that the ESRA had got a tool chest donated from NAPA that has a Chevy theme he had said we should look into getting one for the club as a prize maybe future raffle.

Was asked by Jean B, during swap and shop,  someone he know was looking for a 1957 2-door post, info was past to Brian C, he might sell his.
50/50 wines
Cash Prize - Roy M
Poster - Don C
Sticker - Jean B
Meeting ended @ 8:20pm Next meeting May 6th @ Airways Inn.

Thanks to Roy M, for these minutes… 

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