Recap of the Edmonton 567 Club BBQ

Last Sunday, August 11, was the clubs annual Barbecue in Devon, AB.  The weather was great, the food was delicious and everyone had a great time.  Below are pictures of the event.

After the members stomachs had settled from all the perfectly grilled Smokies and Burgers, the club got into some serious racin' action with the 1/64 scale Hot Wheels Race.  Below are the results

Hot Rod Class
Chris Cherneske

Classic Class
Corey Thorburn (1965 Nova Wagon)

Muscle Car
Corey Thorburn (1965 Nova Wagon)

Open Class
Corey Thorburn (1965 Nova Wagon)

Congratulations to the Top Eliminators, especially Corey, who won three of the four competitions.  Fun was had by all, even the wives who watched as their husbands got to be "little boys" again.

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