November Minutes

Edmonton & Area 567 November Meeting Minutes
                                                                               Start time 7:05 P.M                           12 MEMBERS PRESENT

Reviewed minutes from October meeting & the minutes were accepted by all members present.  Club account is in good standing and donation cheques ( 4 ) are sent out...   Club members have donated to Cole Messerey/Stollery hospital $100.00 to their fund raising weekend..
 Red Deer Swap meet on October 8 was good to us, lots of interest in what our club is all about..
The monthly Saturday afternoon socials will be back, starting in January ( times & date TBA )
A date for the Possible 2023 "Bowties vs the World" show n shine has been noted, August 26 is the date.

  The date has been issued to two West Coast newsletters that have promoted our event many times in the past..
A Committee is needed to set up for this event, as you know Jim is ONLY going to pursue award sponsors..
Many thanks to Jim for all his work on this event for the past 20 years.. It is Time to get members involved...

Some members want to move the event from NAPA to a much bigger location, some ideas raised are the joint combo of Lordco Auto parts and Northwest Toyota, Woody's RV and the Go Auto Location on Yellowhead Trail....

There are some activities are suggested for the winter months beside our monthly socials, they are another visit to the Classic car Museum on 51 Ave. and a road trip to Farley's Dyno shop in the West end.. Just to name a few, bring more ideas to our attention at our December 7 meeting.

                                                      December 10 is the Annual Club's Christmas supper @ 6:30 
( due to the chance of Booze at the social, Nobody under the age of 18 yrs.allowed to be there).. 
you can contact Jim or Norm to verify your attendance by December 7 and what your "dish" is going to be ( reminder potluck style social )
 The Bernie McIvor award will be presented at this time with the McIvor Family present.. Cash draw & other prizes awarded also...

   567 parts For Sale or Wanted

 Don looking for 1956 Chevy Hood Bar
Ralph looking for Tri-5 Disc brake set up
Glen has his '55 Nomad for sale

       Next meeting at 7 p.m on December 7, upstairs at National RV 14305-121A Ave.. Hope to see ya' There !!!

                     Meeting ended @ 8:15 P.M


Christmas Meetup

 The Edmonton & Area 567 Club's Annual Christmas social is on DEC. 10th @ 6:30 P.M ( Saturday )   Location - upstairs 14305-121 Ave N.W.  ( club house)

           Please notify Jim with your food donation 
(it is Potluck style) & how many from family are attending.

Deadline for above notification is Dec.7, 2022

         The Edmonton & Area 567 Club Executive..


October Minutes 2022

  The Edmonton & Area 567 October 5/2022 monthly meeting minutes
                                                                                                            start 7:10 pm   14 members present    end 8:20 pm


                                     The minutes from the Sept. meeting were reviewed and accepted by all members present.
                                     The treasurer's report was given & all ok in the account, just waiting for the 4 donations to be cashed in, all members present accepted the report.

                                       We also welcomed a new member, Mr. Philip Hancock, welcome aboard !!!!!!
                                       Hopefully we have our "babies" put away for the long winter months or have some projects to work on....... If you need new parts, speak to Norm...
                                       There are Certificates of Appreciation made to be given to all our 2022 Show n Shine sponsors, they will be presented to all Sponsors very soon..

                                      The swap meet in Red Deer was (Oct.8) was good for us, we sold some club swag and met some interesting people.. Lots of Chevy talk...  
                                      The four groups announced at the Sept. meeting to receive our donation of $500.00 each, they are the Be Brave Ranch, Boys & Girls club of Edmonton,
                                       Edmonton Autism Society and the Win House..

                                       There will be further discussion on the Annual Club Christmas Function at the November meeting ( it looks like a "potluck" style supper ) & some ideas brought forward on winter activities..
                                        Starting in January we will have monthly a Social at our meeting place, same as last winter.. Play Pool, drink beer, play shuffle board, drink beer, etc. T.B.A
                                        Norm to arrange a shop tour at "Farleys" auto repair and Dyno, for the new year... T.B.A

                                        The ballots for the Annual " Bernie McIvor " memorial award were given out, if you did not receive one, they will be given out at the November meeting,
                                         the deadline to receive a ballot and return it is at the November meeting as it was noted in the Sept. minutes.. This will give the production company time to produce the award                                                                               in time for our December meeting and for its presentation.. Just to remind everyone what the award is all about, it is given to a club member that displays the many                                                                                               attributes that Bernie had displayed.. His support, the many duties when approached and the help that he provided in making our group better.....

                                       For Sale and Parts required

                                      Gene L looking for '57 Chevy Wagon
                                       Don is searching for a good quality hood bar for '56 Chevy
                                       Ralph searching for a disc. brake set-up
                                       Glen Kaminsky has his '55 Nomad For Sale
                                        You can contact these members thru the club....

                                     NEXT MEETING DECEMBER  7th @ 6:30 OR 7 P.M  ( Our CHRISTMAS GATHERING)
                                                                                           SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CAR CLUB


Minutes September 2022

   The Edmonton & Area 567 Club September 7, 2022 Minutes
                                                                                             start time 7:05 p.m    end 8:20 p.m    13 members present

    Open the meeting with August minutes reviewed with those present & minutes were accepted by all present.
     Treasurer's report was given & all is ok with our Account, All members present accepted the report..

    There are some current changes to our executive, till elections are held January..
     Please welcome Armand L. as our new club secretary & the club V.P position is " up in the air " so to speak, discussion on this topic will be held at the October meeting..

     The members also discussed the areas of donation to various groups and what we could donate, due to "drop" in award classes/sponsors and the low car count at our event.
     We have more or less approved that 4 groups would receive no less than $500.00 from us, they are Be Brave Ranch, Edmonton Autism group, Win House and Boys & Girls club of Edmonton.

     For the 1st time since we had presented this event,( that is 20yrs presenting this event) the club account was used to cover some areas, the sum of $640.00 was required...
     There are NO outstanding bills to cover to date.

     The club will be at the RED DEER Swap meet in October, representing our group and promoting the club..
     A get well card was sent to Dean Yardley ( fellow member ), who had a very serious incident, Speedy Recovery Dean !!!!!

     As was noted before the August event, Jim is "stepping away" from the total organization of "Bowties vs the World.. He has been organizing this event since it started in 2000 but will assist whoever in                           getting the needed sponsors for our classes in the future..

   Some brief discussion on Winter activities for our group were "passed around" but nothing set... It is time to put our "babies" away for the winter and some ideas on how to store them was discussed..

  A couple of items to be discussed also at the October meeting is Ballots for the " Bernie McIvor " ( this is presented yearly to a member that displays the same passion that Bernie displayed for our club),
 Ballots will be handed out at the October meeting and the result will be made secretly in November so that we can get the award completed for the Annual Christmas gathering... Speaking of the Christmas gathering, the group has to decide when and where to have it.. Discussions are slated for the October meeting...

 September events :
 Sept. 17 - Dovercourt Community hall S/S
  Sept. 11 - Refinery Grill S/S
 Sept. 24 - Stoney Plain Swap meet

 Parts Needed & Cars Wanted/ For Sale

Gene L. looking for a 1957 Chevy Wagon ( ph. 780- 289-1955/780-416-0039 )
Don C. Looking for a 1956 Chevy Hood bar in decent shape ( ph. 780-720-1696 )
Ralph  Looking for a Disc Brake set-up ( ph. 780-405-5151 )
Glen Kaminsky For Sale 1955 Nomad  complete ( Ph. 780-476-6464 )
Jim is seeking a Chrome Hood Latch base for a 1955/1956 Chevy ( Ph. 780-473-4559 )

Thank-you everyone and remember next meeting on October 5 at National RV ( up Stairs ) @ 7 p.m

                               SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL 567 CLUB


BowTies Vs The World Results

On a damp day ( 3 hr. rain & the 1st time in 20 yrs that rain occurred ) we still got the show off, 
with 85 entries on the lot, everyone stayed for the day. 
There where approx.13 or more cancellations as we drew closer to the official start. 

Here are the 2022  BOWTIES vs the WORLD results :

Best All Year's Truck -  W- Terry Hall  R/U - Henry Lipka                  
Sponsored by Maximum Mechanical Ltd.

Long Haul - Brad Marshall ( Saskatoon, Sask.)                               
 Sponsored by The 99 Street Diner

Special Interest -(single award) W - Harvey Von Semmler                
Sponsored by  National RV Siding Ltd.

Best Pre-1950's -(single award) W - Jerry Dusdal                           
Sponsored by Dawson Motors Ltd.

Best of the Tri-5's (1955) - W- Les Hastey  R/U - Maggie Lipka        
Sponsored by Greasy "D"s Rod & Kustom Ltd.

Best of the Tri-5's (1956) - W -Gerry Sinkler  R/U - Hank Gulaga      
Sponsored by Greasy "D"s Rod & Kustom Ltd.

Best of the Tri-5's ( 1957) W - Mike Degert  R/U - Ron Semeniuk     
Sponsored by Greasy "D"s Rod & Kustom Ltd.

Best of the 50's era - W - Dorina Scozzafava   R/U - Domenic Scozzafava     
Sponsored by Precision Performance Ltd.

Best of the 60's - W - Kevin Acheson  R/U - Reg Richer                 
Sponsored by Cougar Paint & Collision Ltd.

Best of the 70's - W - Armand Lindgren   R/U Kery Samandzija     
Sponsored by Tri-5 & Muscle. Com

Best of the Show W - (single award) Hank Gulaga                         
Sponsored by Auto Appraisals by Trefko

Best Engine (single award) W - Ron DesRosiers                           
Sponsored By Pro-Stock Performance Ltd.

Edmonton & Area 567 Club members only  - W- Chris Cherneske   R/U Norm Messervey     
Sponsored by the Roy Marko's Garage

On behalf the Edmonton & Area 567 club, I would like to THANK you for your support during this rather "damp" day 
Plus I would like to say a special THANK-YOU to all the event volunteers as well that "hung" in there,  
we couldn't have done it without you !!!!

Jim Kennedy
Edmonton & Area 567 Club


The April monthly general meeting is CANCELLED due to Covid-19 issues.  Next meeting will be on May 6 th  @ 7 p.m , National RV Sidin...