Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas, and have a safe, healthy and happy New Years.

Edmonton 567 Club



December Party Photos


December Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club December Minutes         December 7/2021 @ 7 p.m   14 members


   Note; this was a brief meeting by normal Standards.. ( short & sweet)

   The November Minutes were read & discussed, all was accepted by those members present..

   The treasurer’s report was given & the account is doing well.. Report was accepted by all present..

   Most of the meeting involved a discussion on plans for the Club’s Christmas gathering on December 11..

   Approx. 24+ folks to attend at National RV ( upstairs) for 7 p.m

   A Potluck style supper was agreed upon with added games ( shuffleboard, pool, crib etc) plus door prizes..

   The  very First “Bernie McIvor Memorial Award” will be presented by Karen McIvor & family at the gathering..

   Members discussed various parts needed or for sale...

  A new member came on board with us, Welcome Dean Yardley, Dean is currently restoring a 1957 Chevy..                       If there are any members that can help him out with his “ride”, please contact him thru Norm ( Norm has his #).

  The 50/50 winners weren’t recorded ( my fault, again!)

Hope to see you at the Annual Christmas gathering, To All members and their families – have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR...

Hope to See everyone in 2022 & let’s have a better year !!!


2022 yearly dues ( $25.00) will be accepted, starting at our first meeting on January 5th  OR you may mail the fee to Norm with an updated Information form,  to the address on the form which is on our club’s website....


                                                              SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TRI-5 CLUB !!!!!! 


                       Next meeting is January 5th @ 7 p.m         National RV upstairs    14305-121 A Ave


November Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 club


November monthly meeting minutes

 Nov. 3/2021              

 7 p.m                              13 members present


           The October meeting minutes were reviewed  & accepted by all present.. Discussion on October topics had  



          Treasurers report was given & the current club account is doing fine...


            Our annual Christmas gathering was discussed, December 11 @ 7 p.m ( located upstairs at the National RV building, 14305-121A-Ave) it will be a POTLUCK & members are asked  to provide a dish and respond with a attendance notification.. The Bernie McIvor award will be presented at this gathering by his family..

           Members were ask to nominate their choice for the newly presented award “ the Bernie McIvor Award” as this date was the deadline.. The members were e-mailed earlier for their nominations but response was terrible/slow.

             As was mentioned in October and accepted, the Show n Shine awards have been “Downsized” from 19 awards 

  to 12 awards.. This is due to possible sponsorship issues..

             Norm’s and Wade’s trip to Danchuk was discussed, with much interest by those in attendance..

             There will be Rock guard installer coming to the November meeting, to discuss the product and answer any questions that may arise..

             Winter activities for the club were “touched” on but no real ideas came up at this point...

PLEASE NOTE: if you have not been informed via e-mail by our exec. on any club topics, Now  would be the time to get your contact info  up-dated..


         Tri-5 parts For Sale or are searching for :


         Norm has a louver machine and can apply them to anything you want. Contact Norm for more info..


         Norm or Wade have various full floors for all Tri-5’s and muscle cars. Plus various used parts... 

         Ivan from Gibbons has a full set of chrome for a ’55 2 door - $2000.00.. Also a set of inner rear wheel wells..

        Contact Norm for info on Ivan’s parts/ contact info..

        Francis has a Big Block 454 cu.in truck motor for sale with less than 100,000 mi. - $400.00                                             ( head casting   #’s 348238, open Chamber oval port type..

       Norm searching for a quality 1956 Chevy hood & has some fibreglass body parts for a ’55 Chevy..

       Roy has a 55/56 Pontiac for sale - $30,000.00 plus inner fenders a well..

       Gene Larose is searching for a good full size bench seat for a 58-72 Chevy 2 door..


      50/50 winners

    Cash won by Wade A.

    2nd prize won by Norm M.

    3rd prize won by Mark B.



     Next meeting December 1st @ 7 p.m          Upstairs National RV  14305-121A-Ave...

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New Date: Please Note

At last night’s meeting the topic of our annual Christmas dinner was raised... A NEW DATE for the dinner was decided, it will be on Saturday, DECEMBER 11 @ 7 P.M .....   Location Upstairs @ 14305-121A-Ave.   


Also, please let Jim K. or Norm M. know if you are coming and what you are bringing along for the potluck. 


October Minutes

 The Edmonton & Area 567 Club October meeting minutes


                                                  Start time 7 p.m       Oct 6/2021       15 members present


The minutes from our September meeting were read & all accepted  those present..

The Club account is staying strong, Thanks to all the members...


The December meeting will be our Annual Christmas dinner, December 1 @ 7 p.m upstairs @ 14305-121A-Ave.

The dinner will be Pot-Luck style PLEASE NOTIFY NORM as to what you will be bringing..

The First ever winner of the “Bernie McIvor “ Award will be announced by either Karen McIvor or Bernie Jr..

The award will be produced and ready by the end of November...

There will be door prizes and a small gift to all members at this get together..


Norm & Wade have a scheduled meeting with the folks at Danchuk in California at the end of October...

At the Stony Plain Show n Shine on the long week-end, they reported approx. 330 entries... All in all, it was a good show & decent weather too !!!


Speaking of Show n Shines, the membership present, has re-vamped some of our awards for our “Bowties vs the World” Show n Shine.  The awards that were Deleted are the following Best Rad-Rod, Best Small Car, Best of Modern Car & the Best Competition/ Pro Street vehicle..  We agreed to combine Best Early Hot-Rod & the Best of the Pre-50’s into one class.. The award will be renamed at a later date...

This was a result to our event losing some award sponsorship due to what has been happening with the Covid “thingy”. This will leave us with 12 awards to be presented.. IF YOU KNOW SOMONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE A AWARD SPONSOR, they can contact Jim... A full sponsorship w/ 1 year of promotion & covers 1st & 2nd placing for $260.00.  Single award sponsorship is $ 160.00 ( Best engine detail, long distance, Peoples choice , Special interest & Best Future Project ) with 1 year promotion.. Remember this will be our 20th year... We have to search for a new award producer as  the good people at Prath that have with us for 19 years closed their operation...


Parts For Sale or in search of..


Norm is looking for a 56 Chevy hood

Norm has various Tri-5 Used parts For Sale

A 1957 Chevy Nomad in Calgary is For sale in Kijiji for $60,000.00..

Ivan Perry has some ’55 Chevy doors & rear wheel well “tubs”...

Gene LaRose has a ’57 For sale, check him out on facebook or contact him..


50/50 draw


Mark won the $$$$    Norm & Armand won the 2nd & 3rd prizes..


Next meeting is on November 3rd @ 7 p.m start time... upstairs @ 14305-121A-Ave..

Any Questions Contant Jim 


Legends Golf Club Museum Car Meet

Just a small part of what we saw at the Legends Golf Club Museum, and a photo of everyone who attended that day, we had a great time.


The April monthly general meeting is CANCELLED due to Covid-19 issues.  Next meeting will be on May 6 th  @ 7 p.m , National RV Sidin...