Shop Tour at Farley's

 Pics of the event!!!

On January 28 the club was given a shop tour at a local Hi-preformance repair business called "Farley's".. The club would like to thank Greg for his hospitality & the tour.. Here are just some of the "pics" from a lot that I took.. The next visit with him will be a tour for the members to his car collection warehouse in the near future..      Jim

February Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club  February Meeting  held on February 1st @ 7 p.m

                                                               Discussion on January meeting minutes were discussed

                                                               Treasurer's report was given and all O.K..

                                                               A report was given about our shop tour to Farley's shop, very positive by everyone who attended.. Cool Place !!!!


 The idea of having a monthly social at the club house ( like we did last winter ) will be addressed at our March meeting.

     We just have to select the date and times.. Bring your own Booze & shared snacks....

                                                                The club will have a spot at the Quick Times swap meet on March 25.. If any member that has a item(s) they want us to sale for them, let us know ASAP.  Price that you are asking must be noted.. No Large items ( I have a bad Back)

     Bowties vs the World 21st Annual Show n Shine, is slated for August 26, location and more info TBA...

 Norm has purchased a 1955 Gasser Project.. More to come on this project..

  This was a shortened meeting due to the inclement weather that we had on this day and during the current week...  Br,Br,Br

                                                  Parts for sale or Searching for
                                                 Nothing current

                                SWAP MEETS & CAR SHOWS
  Lethbridge Swap meet - Feb. 11 ????
 Quick-times Swap meet - March. 2
 Saskatoon Swap meet   - April. 8
           CDN Veterans Show n Shine - June. 11
ESRA show n Shine - June. 24
                    Bowties vs the World Show n Sine - Aug. 26

 NOTE: These are just the ones brought to our attention !!!

                                                                  50/50 Draw      

  cash won by Armand ?        2nd prize won by Gene L.    3rd prize won by Norm M.

  Meeting ended at 8:00 P.M next meeting March 1st/2023 @ 7 p.m   upstairs National RV Siding 14305-121Ave N.W

January Minutes

The Edmonton & Area 567 Club January meeting minutes
     Jan. 4, 2023 @ 7 p.m   13 members present

                                                  The group discussed the December 2022 meeting & our Annual Christmas get together... Very Positive reviews from all those who participated..

                                                  The year has started ( Happy New Year ) with our Bank Account still being strong..   All debts have been taken care of & NO outstanding issues.

           The annual membership is still only $25.00 per member, this covers the insurance for the club members ( while you attend a club function) and any club function that we hold, administration costs and various club promos.. This unique insurance policy is offered by the SVAA folks every year, $15.00 per member and is offered to all Alberta  listed car clubs..

                                                  Holding a Monthly Social at the "clubhouse" was briefly discussed & will be addressed at our March meeting.. (once some members are back from winter vacations)
 All members please make any changes on your contact info ( if any) and forward the info the Gene B.

There have been 3 interested groups  (newsletters) so far about our Annual show n shine.. Once we select a location, we will inform them.. The date for the event is August 26 / 2023... We have to set-up a organizing committee to set things up.. This will be our 21st Annual event.. We could use your support & Ideas...

 The club's executive for this 2023 has a few changes, 
Norm M. is our V.P, 
Armand L. is our club secretary, 
Gene Boisvert is our membership director 
and as was requested from all members present, our club's Treasurer & President will stay as is with Jim K. at the helm....

   Parts for Sale or searching for..

                                                       Nothing to list

   Swap meets and Show n Shines

                                                        Nothing to report

 Meeting ended @ 8:05 p.m     

 The next meeting on February 1st 7 p.m  upstairs @ National RV siding  14305-121A-Ave N.W


November Minutes

Edmonton & Area 567 November Meeting Minutes
                                                                               Start time 7:05 P.M                           12 MEMBERS PRESENT

Reviewed minutes from October meeting & the minutes were accepted by all members present.  Club account is in good standing and donation cheques ( 4 ) are sent out...   Club members have donated to Cole Messerey/Stollery hospital $100.00 to their fund raising weekend..
 Red Deer Swap meet on October 8 was good to us, lots of interest in what our club is all about..
The monthly Saturday afternoon socials will be back, starting in January ( times & date TBA )
A date for the Possible 2023 "Bowties vs the World" show n shine has been noted, August 26 is the date.

  The date has been issued to two West Coast newsletters that have promoted our event many times in the past..
A Committee is needed to set up for this event, as you know Jim is ONLY going to pursue award sponsors..
Many thanks to Jim for all his work on this event for the past 20 years.. It is Time to get members involved...

Some members want to move the event from NAPA to a much bigger location, some ideas raised are the joint combo of Lordco Auto parts and Northwest Toyota, Woody's RV and the Go Auto Location on Yellowhead Trail....

There are some activities are suggested for the winter months beside our monthly socials, they are another visit to the Classic car Museum on 51 Ave. and a road trip to Farley's Dyno shop in the West end.. Just to name a few, bring more ideas to our attention at our December 7 meeting.

                                                      December 10 is the Annual Club's Christmas supper @ 6:30 
( due to the chance of Booze at the social, Nobody under the age of 18 yrs.allowed to be there).. 
you can contact Jim or Norm to verify your attendance by December 7 and what your "dish" is going to be ( reminder potluck style social )
 The Bernie McIvor award will be presented at this time with the McIvor Family present.. Cash draw & other prizes awarded also...

   567 parts For Sale or Wanted

 Don looking for 1956 Chevy Hood Bar
Ralph looking for Tri-5 Disc brake set up
Glen has his '55 Nomad for sale

       Next meeting at 7 p.m on December 7, upstairs at National RV 14305-121A Ave.. Hope to see ya' There !!!

                     Meeting ended @ 8:15 P.M


Christmas Meetup

 The Edmonton & Area 567 Club's Annual Christmas social is on DEC. 10th @ 6:30 P.M ( Saturday )   Location - upstairs 14305-121 Ave N.W.  ( club house)

           Please notify Jim with your food donation 
(it is Potluck style) & how many from family are attending.

Deadline for above notification is Dec.7, 2022

         The Edmonton & Area 567 Club Executive..


The April monthly general meeting is CANCELLED due to Covid-19 issues.  Next meeting will be on May 6 th  @ 7 p.m , National RV Sidin...